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But we'll take it. We'll take it. Now, the doing this sort of weird order because I wanted to save the women for last. Because to me three of the best three of the best four matches on this show featured the women. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The tables match with ruby riot. And the tire you ignore all the Hart family, whatever with her for her father himself ignore. All that at AC nor NAT having five hours to set up a table. Yes. She's not really that. Well, versus setting the table. It's been a minute. You take all that out of the equation. This was a really good match and both women can really work. Well, together, they had a hell of a tables match props to live Morgan for a hell of a bump through table. Oh my God. That was that was nasty. Sarah Logan, took one as well. When lives was like smack hard right into a table. Like big props are taking it. Well, I mean realistically you have to throw her down hard enough to break the table. And that's what happened is they had to throw her down. I think a little bit harder 'cause she's lighter. So you have to get her to. The table. So you really make sure she breaks the table. But yeah, this this was really good. When you get natty in there with someone who's exp- is as experienced she is talented. She is you get a really fantastic match between her in the person, she's fighting and ruby riot is right there with her every step of the way, they were just going to town. This was beautiful to watch. I I hope this is the end of the like the family drama involved in this. You'd hope so I hope this is it because I mean again props them for using it. But it's just not something I'm necessarily comfortable with when you're basically using somebody's death as a way to get somebody over. But w w saw their moment they seized their moment and going with it. So I never happens Matagalpa Bigham Oceana win. A thing was right with the world. The you had the raw women's championship knives. Jackson, Ronda Rousey, made it perfectly clear they could have had a better story going forward. But hell, Ronda, rousing is super awesome. Okay. I'm just gonna ask this before we get into the match. Can we stop putting the hip pats Anaya Jackson gear, please flake? Can we seriously start whatever those will like whatever those little things are that rest on her hips?.

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