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An interesting week on Lee five early games Six games going on right now, and it was the Packers picking up win number seven, holding off the Jaguars. 24 20 David Bach. Chiari gets an extension as well. The Giants win back to back games for the first time this year, knocking off the Eagles 27 17, ending a nine game skid against Philly while is the Buccaneers rallying after getting crushed in home last week? They took it out on the Panthers today. 46 23. They are seven and three, The Browns get the six and three defeated the Texans 10 7 and the Lions a last second field goal defeat the Washington football team. 32 27, Jody. Good afternoon. Good to have you aboard. How are you Act? Man? I'm doing all right. This is a strange week. You know what? It's I guess it's zap proposed for 2020. You just can't figure this out. Exactly. You know, you're not supposed to have the Masters in November and congratulations to Dustin Johnson. But, yes, I jumped around just the four games played in the early window. When do we ever said that four games in the early window, Which means you and me. Stringer's galore for the next three hours. Absolutely. Let's get right to it on cue. And our first stop right now is Chuck Hayes in L. A where the Rams are in front of the Seahawks check. Thanks Rich 14 08 remaining in the second period. It is the Rams, 10 and the Seahawks seven and ran's got on the board with their first touchdown with 2 24 remaining in the first period with Darryl Henderson. One yard touchdown run tied four bath with the extra point that drive with seven place 77 yards tow 3 36 off the clock and was set up by a Jared Goff past. Tight end Tyler Higbee for 39 yards. The Seahawks got on the board at 6 to 8 in the first quarter. Alex Collins, the freezer running back left in 13 yard run Jason Myers with the extra point That drive was seven play 78 yards. 3 37 off the clock and the first drive of the game. The Rams went down. 10 plays 70 yards. They were stopped inside the York 10 Yard line. He was caught four bath 23 yard field goal to give him the first score of the day from passing wise. Jared Goff is seven of eight for 124 yards. Along the 39 Russell Wilson, seven of 10 for 81 yards, Alex Cause running the ball five pies for 22 yards and Cam Acres for the Rams, three for 12 and Darryl Henderson, four and so with 14 08 remaining in the first period. It is a ranch 10 and the Seahawks seven. Thank you, Chuck. Let's head to Pittsburgh, where Jeff Hawthorne is standing by where the Steelers have just extended their lead. Geoff Yeah, the good news for the Steelers. They have a six Nothing lead on the Bangles. A second field goal. By Chris Boswell. Good news for the Bangles is despite really good field position by Pittsburgh. Have held the Steelers to a couple of field goals. The bigger developing news here in this windy day is Ben Ross's for Got a Busted play just dove down for a no gain. He got up holding the elbow that was surgically repaired. Kind of moving his hand around. Hey, was able to throw a pass on the next play, and then the Steelers kick the field goals, so we'll see how this develops over the End of this game, but something a little concerning for Steeler fans is a Xerox. This burger appears to be in some pain in that surgically repaired elbow. All right, Thank you very much. Jeff and Jody before we go toe Erin poster in Las Vegas. I don't know what made me think of this last night, but I know you. You've been a big Mason Rudolph fan. I'm not as high on him and you know, to date we really haven't seen That if Ben Roethlisberger goes down, and it's it's not like when we grew up in the Dolphins, who had done Straka aural moral could come off the bench. Relieved Don Bob greasy. Backup quarterbacks today are very hard to find. But I'm surprised the Steelers haven't tried to upgrade that spot a little more. I think their belief in Mason Rudolph has been a little blind loyalty. You know, I was amazing, but off and first on a collegiate level then when he got drafted and into the pros, he got his chance last year, and I will say he was mediocre at best, and I might be again with the blinders on there wasn't really good and I didn't get the steel is into the postseason, even though they, uh, gotten off to a pretty good start. Hey, wasn't good. They were willing to give me a second shot act. It wasn't a full season. Look, you had the weird end of the season. Ted attack between he and them in the Browns, and maybe they cut him some slack for that. I don't know You're right. There's no veteran backup in Pittsburgh and Francis Burger goes down, They'll be rolling the dice again. Despite his less than stellar performance last year. I've not given up on Mason Rudolph yet if he can't pick up where Ben left off this year, then I might have to say time to move off that opinion, But I'm not there yet. All right, well, we'll see how this plays out, and we're hoping that better office Burger can make it back. Okay, we'll see how bad that elbow injury is. In the meantime, let's head to the aforementioned Aaron toaster in Las Vegas, where the Raiders are in front. Last time I talked to you drew, aka just thrown interception, and the Raiders were setting up with great field position on the Denver 39. However, the Raiders ran three plays bring up fourth and one through the 30. Jon Gruden from fourth and one decide to go for it rather than kicking the field goal. He attempted to run with Josh Jacob on the run Holding was called making 1/4 at 11 from the 40 and then decided to punt for the Raiders came away with nothing after the interception. The Broncos help to a three and out After that hunt, the Raiders came up with a sack on lock on third down with forced a fumble locker covered himself with the Broncos were forced to punt from their own end zone. On that point, it was like Hunter Renfroe, who was going to return the punch for a touchdown. However, a penalty was called on. Jonathan Abram Raiders took over on their own 39 once again, Raiders not able to take advantage penalties really costing them early in this game, both and field position and as I said, Taking away a touchdown. They had a three and out and they were forced to punt. Raiders not able to take advantage of things as Denver as 3rd and 15 right now, 11 11 left in the half The Raiders lead 7 to 3. It's been a good one so far in the desert, where Adam Green is standing by the Bills and the Cardinals. 2 50 is about to 50 have to go in the second quarter. This has been a game that was filled with the two young quarterbacks see what they could do. Josh Elman Calamari and Josh owned us have a better game so far with a touchdown catch of his own, just as everyone thought it would be other than that. It's been a game of doubles pilot That's for the Bills. Take the 55 younger just recently that put the bills on top searching this six That he had traded off of those and Gonzalez 42 yards like coming back a little bit closer right now, The Cardinals are at midfield. That's a bills 41 yard line, but they are trailing 13 to 6 with about two minutes and 20 seconds left to go in the second quarter. All right, and this one Jody, I think is going to be an interesting one all day between Tyler Marie and Josh Allen. We've seen a lot of nice plays early. This two of the best young quarterbacks in the National Football League, and Alan showed his versatility. Run past catch could do a little bit of everything, and I just wouldn't want to try and tackle tackle Kyla Murray. He might be the most indefensible running player in the National Football League. See, AJ's absolutely good enough to be a superb starting quarterback in the league. If that had not worked out if he had done something to his armor is restore his elbow. I'm telling you could be a starting running back in this league because I watched guys whip for the last two weeks trying to bring down Kyla Murray. It's got his work cut out for him because he's behind today, But I think we will see more points yet to come today. Don't think this is gonna be a defensive struggle. I'm still disappointed. We don't see him in center field. You could pick it there too..

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