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Toyota dot com See dealer for completely details 6 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s here's rob stallworth in the traffic center Thanks John still enjoying a good ride on the beltway in Virginia between Alexandria and McLean No problems won 66 as you leave manassas headed through cineville and beyond toward the beltway inside the beltway looks pretty good through the Roosevelt bridge as well He traveling on I 95 northbound clear out of Stafford headed toward the Prince William Parkway and beyond toward the Springfield interchange of travel lanes open no problems on I three 95 going northbound up to and across the 14th street bridge The fairfax county Parkway north down near Braddock road that crash is gone all your travel lanes are open there had the crash reported to us on 28 northbound near the air and space museum possibly one overturned but haven't seen it as of yet to use caution if you're traveling on 28 northbound near the air and space museum No problems in Maryland on the beltway through Montgomery or prince Georges counties to 70 remains clear leaving Frederick headed through Rockville I 70 eastbound near boonsboro exit 35 is the reporter some debris to watch out for that Otherwise I 95 in the Baltimore Washington park where he continued to run well between the capitol beltway and the bottom of the beltway route 50 looks pretty good coming through Annapolis in toward the beltway then inside the beltway through Chevrolet headed into the district In the district itself I two 95 in D.C. two 95 running well between J Babb and eastern avenue traveling the southeast Southwest freeway looking pretty smooth as well No issues reported in the Thursday tunnel as you head northbound toward New York avenue but in northwest its military road that's closed between Connecticut avenue and Nevada avenue for the fire department activity I'm rob stallworth WT traffic Storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts how are we looking this morning Not looking too bad out there I mean we do have a little bit of fog this morning.

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