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Advisor to former president Trump says Russia knows what boundaries not to cross when it comes to interfering with US systems. We've made those red lines clear in the past to Russia on a number of fronts, not just in cyber but also in the military realm, and I've been some red lines that one of the Russians across them. We have responded on CBS's face The Nation. Fiona Hill, who also advise President Biden before his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, says the problem is making sure the consequences for cyber attacks have an impact. Tropical depression, Claudette is leaving a deadly wake as it prepares to head out to the Atlantic. The weekend storm is being blamed for at least 12 deaths in Alabama. Most of those dying in a multi vehicle collision Saturday that was likely caused by storm related hydro planing. Nine of the 10 people killed in that crash were Children, a 24 year old man in his three year old son. Died when a tree fell on their home in Tuscaloosa. American Airlines says it will cancel 1% of its flights in July so it can ensure it can take care of its customers and minimize surprises at the airport, it announced Sunday. The uptick in travel demand plus labor shortages and unprecedented weather is behind the move. Most airlines are seeing more bookings as Americans feel safe to travel in the latter stages of the pandemic. Los Angeles County health officials say they're recording increasing numbers of Covid 19, known as the Delta variant. The Kodiak has details. The variant was first identified in India and has since spread to Europe and the United States in L. A county. Most of the 64 cases reported in recent weeks have been of the delta variant. Scientists say the delta variant is more highly transmissible than other versions of the virus, but that the latest vaccines are still highly effective against them. Any Kodiak reporting actor will Smith says his upcoming autobiography will is being released in November. The two time Academy Award nominee share the news on Instagram, he wrote. He's been working on it for two years, and it's finally ready. I'm Chris Caravaggio. South Carolina senator says states should be in charge of how they run their elections more from Rosario Rivera on Fox News Sunday, Republican Lindsey Graham said While he likes Joe Manchin and appreciates his proposal, he believes the federal government should stay out of the state's ability to run their own elections. Mention proposed this past week to narrow the scope of the for the People Act voting rights bill in efforts to build bipartisan consensus and pushed through a compromise. But many GOP lawmakers came out against the proposal, including Graham. You noted that more people voted in the last presidential election than any previous election. Graham called the original proposal the biggest power grab in the history of the country. And said Democrats are trying to fix the problem that GOP lawmakers have a completely different view on Ambrosia. Rivera model Chrissy Teagan is considering taking legal action against fashion designer Michael Costello amid her bullying scandal. Shortly after taking apologized for her past awful tweets. Costello shared what he said were Screenshots from 2014 showing Teagan bullying him. However, Teagan says the photos were completely fabricated and explained, her user name was spelled wrong in them. She told Costello to stop or else things would go further in an actual court.

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