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Every one kind of like ducks reacts to the shock of if i can't remember if it rattles but yeah that's our our our top gun moment like yeah it was important like a my guest is important for you to give this world like a physicality that way with the sound oh yeah absolutely and that's that's a constant thing and all the malaysians is is uh kind of the physical rattle and rattle and role of these being almost like car movie set in space rather than spaceship movies thursday then all right just a few a couple more questions rex these e on twitter asked this question i'm curious about the george lucas story line or the george lucas outline the story group would have you believe that it's still very much in play but everywhere weaver that ryan has had a clean slate noone told you what to do was lucas treatment and inspiration at all did you see it you know the the idea of like lucas having outlined what was going to happen in excellence i don't know what is your first into with the story grip sang that's i'm not sure i when i won speak to that um now i i was just given jay jay's script so i mean i talk to them about about in out uh i knew that lucas had done this outline previous but my understanding was that it was a a in them when judge a came in with with michael are in and then with larry kasdan they kind of started from scratch basically so for me way i was i would add i know i was just given the scripted the force awakens and that was kind of that along with my knowledge of the previous movies was what i was working was there any pushback on killing off luke did you have to clear that not i mean i wanted it as per any all of these decisions i want that's big part of the reason i moved up to san francisco and wanted to go in twice a week and talk everybody through this i didn't want to just drop scripts and surprise ever done and hold my breath that they like it i wanted to but i mean the short answer is is is is no it wasn't because also because i.

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