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So I think that will be very, very dangerous chant and eat will not they will not have any help for this mediation. I mean relations between Russia and the European countries, but also know that to always from general interest of the most of the European countries to keep a kind of a data meant with Russia will be in the own interests. Otherwise, I think you're most more in the more European countries will find that they will be a very difficult situation Rauscher, and it will not be good. I all helpful. For this, you know, engagement with washer ended this video comes out of particular artwork time just days before the European parliament elections, we've talked about the REIs of right wing politicians in this election. So how might this scandal affect the election? I think it to something or will influence the forthcoming European parliament election because actually no for most of European countries from especially establishment parties, always try to find links of this far right parties and Russia. The same saying happened in France, just, like, for example, president micro always Twi to appeal to the national assembly. I mean by Morello pong had a special relationship with most coal, and also sim case happened in Italy for this leaguer party, especially Mr. Salvini, and he's a special edition. So he's, he's Putin. There's something I, I think it will give some. Maybe a negative influence on just far right parties. But of course, I think finally, it's also depends on how could your in people? They got the deputy the party and also far right parties. Yes, they would be fun. But it could not be questioned about the upcoming European parliamentary elections. Are there anything especial weep should pay attention to? So far, most of the, the post in Europe give a urine from east Texas into partic- ongo. Very I mean, they could for cost because of the Austrian loss to five years, I think they nest him parties lost opportunity to, you know, fight against recorded a populist parties and unions mccown, they had a lot of maybe more difficulties or more problems. So I think the now for this European parliamentary elections. It will be very, very big test for these political chant. You know, five years and also to give, I think test of the European integration or European Union reform. What could it be scenario? But of course now actually. No even for these stuff. All right parties. Why should they want to, you know to be a mess? Mention party. I mean, walk you want to take some more powers in the country comment in parliament. They how to adopted himself to kind of more accessible way for because I'm now more on the more far right parties. They changed the slogan from a USO sepT them to reform European Union. So I think yes, it's important is critical, and it will be it will be so for the, you know, further European political chant thinking much. Doctor today for join us this evening, winning talking with Dr to Dan, head of the European studies department with China Institute of international studies. Stew composites dying says no to US proposed original conference that unveils Kirschner 's peace plan. You're listening to world today. I'm we will be back in a minute. What matters to China, increasingly matters to the world. Keep up to date with the latest news and events about the middle kingdom with the China plus app up to the minute reports. Live streaming audio insightful opinion on everything China related facts figures, and language learning resources at your fingertips. Everything in focus all in one place. Search for China plus in the app store or Google play. You Bolus Ning to world today..

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