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It was funny when george costanza did it because it wasn't real trying to get fire trying to get moved out. What james harden did incredibly disrespectful. And he's not going to live that down anytime soon. You said you thought the rockets did well. I'm not so sure i love. Draft picks. Believe me and draft picks. Ken pay off. They paid off huge for the boston. Celtics in that previous nets trade. They got jason tatum. I think is going to be an mvp in the league. At some point they got jaylen brown who i think is going to be a perennial all star. This league few other guys mixed in they missed some of those draft picks as well but that was a huge success for boston. But i think sometimes we just grossly overweight draft picks yes. They can be enormously valuable when a confluence of events occurs. And your team goes into the crapper the way the nets did in those those years after the trade with boss but more often than not that doesn't happen and granted anything can happen. Kevin durant could get hurt. James harden continue to sink. We'll talk about this. But the chemistry those players might not work out. But i don't know i'm not foreseeing. The nine four x four years being a bad enough team to make those picks super appealing at this point and given that howard. They didn't get a blue chip guy. Depots good. he's all star but he's not like a guy with this enormous upside he might be able to start once again in houston. Maybe john wall discover some magic in that back core. That's a really fun athletic backcourt. They're put together in houston but they didn't get that blue chip guy and for weeks. I was hearing. That's what they want. Teams that talk to houston said. They wanted a star player. That's why boston wasn't getting in the mix with the celtics rightfully said you're not getting jaylen. Brown jaylen brown. For james harden at this point several teams had a similar mindset when it came to discussing a deal with the rockets for the last few hours before the trade on wednesday. There was chatter about philadelphia. I've got to believe that shatter had some some truth to it. That the sixers willing to part with ben simmons if they sixers deal fell apart because the sixers couldn't create enough draft capital or they weren't willing to throw entire east maxi. I think it's a mistake. I think in d like this. You've got to get the blue chip player. And ben simmons at twenty five years old with. I think at least four years left on his contract so he's not able to go anywhere anytime soon. That was the guy to get the got plenty of draft capital. They are now armed to the teeth for the six. Seven years with draft picks they can use to rebuild this roster and maybe raphael stone is a drafting genius. And he and. Stephen silas can put together a roster that way. But i would have preferred ben simmons. Ben simmons or like to draft picks. Give me ben simmons. All day long..

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