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And why i'm here and that's why i am continuously no matter how much i piss you off. I am continually open to and just so thankful for who you are and what you bring and the life that you've lived and the contributions you've made you are just an amazing amazing spiritual being and communicator. And i honor what you've done what you continue to do because you know sometimes people you know th the whitley is not going anywhere. He's still cranking out stuff you know go to unknown country dot com. Go to dreamland. Listen to that amazing podcast. I think just. I mentioned earlier in the show. The interview with ralph blumenthal. It's phenomenal. you cannot read ralph's book and not listen to whitley's interview with them. The two would be y- they should be. He should be sending those out an mp three with it. 'cause one doesn't even fully tell the story without the other because whitley is so central to so much of this experience that we're living as were unfolding into this larger reality that is you know this e. t. ufo thing widely phenomenal. That you've join me. And i thank you so much. I'm sorry i put you on. Tilt but i'm not gonna apologize right. I'm sorry on tilt a few times in my life. I bet. But i i would like at some point to discuss my book which we did not do. You're going to have to find somebody else to do that. I guess because. I can't think so. Yeah because i because josephus is is a very peripheral last active the book. But i don't want let's not go back there. We've been there on that it's over and actually show there's actually Which you you don't you don't see it that way which is fine. There's no there's some really important points of connection between what you're saying. And what. I'm saying i mean what you're saying about. Constantine what you're saying about the romans co-opting the religion is central to what i'm saying you're just taking a slightly different direction. And a lotta times. That's how it is when people talk about. Even with people are in sync. The differences are what..

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