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Is five thirty one. I'm Becky Lynn. Here is our top story. Had it not been for the state releasing videos depicting abuse of migrant children and a keen sheriff's detective perhaps the possible child abuse would not have been properly investigated at the southwest Keith acidity in young town. Sheriff Paul Penzone does not believe the possible abuses racially motivated, I've not seen anything nor do I I've not seen anything nor do I believe that anybody along the way have tense try to keep something from me. Because of you know, the outcomes they were doing business as usual, but unfortunately, in this industry, there is no business as usual depends on says, he assumes all responsibility for the bad police work. He will hire to auditors to review cases like this in the future. The county attorney's office now reviewing the case for possible criminal charges as President Trump contemplates declaring a national emergency in order to push for a wall on the southern border. At least one key house. Democrat says not so fast House Judiciary committee chairman Jerry, Nadler, visited the customs and border patrol facility were an eight year old boy. From Guatemala died last month after the visit number insisted that there are limits to the president's authority to declare national emergencies. The president has no authority to usurp congressional authority of the purse. He cannot simply take funds. Appropriated for other purposes to build the wall because he declares a national emergency. Trump is expected to deliver a prime time address Tuesday to discuss the situation on the border alley. Rogan ABC news, Washington. Former ASU quarterback Jake Plummer has been named the college football hall of fame class of twenty nineteen Plummer was a four year starter and led to the ninety seven Rose Bowl. Former ASU head coach Dennis Erickson also named to the hall. He led Miami to two national championships before coming to ASU in two thousand six while the Super Bowl be live without a super halftime act one civil rights organization would call that a major victory Gerald Griggs. Vice president of the Georgia NWC P has a dream. Who knows maybe they won't be Super Bowl. Halftime hoping to shine a light on police shootings. And the NFL's treatment of the player who started the take a knee movement, Colin Kaepernick. Greg says he's already contacted some of the biggest music acts in the world asking them to forego any offer from the NFL to perform at the Super Bowl in Atlanta this year, and as for rapper Travis Scott reportedly confirmed to perform at halftime Griggs hopes to convince him to pull out as well p combs, ABC news, Atlanta..

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