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Things a little differently in yes sorta way julia is the first muppet to be on the autism spectrum i'm tj katini and on the first sunday of every month chuck e cheese restaurants throughout the country will open two hours early to host sensory sensitive sundays i'm christopher cruise you work hard to recruit the best talent for your business so you understand how important benefits are today's candidates are looking for more than just insurance and retirement accounts they want benefits they can use every day and perks that help them achieve that all important work life balance with barra desk standing desks solutions you can create the healthy office culture they're looking for we're employees can move more throughout the day so they're happier healthier and more productive the new desk pro desk sixty electric is the perfect way to create your active workspace it's a commercial grade electric standing desk that lets you sit or stand with the touch of a button and it assembles in under five minutes with no need for professional installers or labor costs the pro desk sixty electric ships for free and thanks to our thirty day guarantee if you don't love it we'll pick it up for free to learn how you can try the pro desk sixty electric in your office visit barracuda dot com slash radio that's v a r i desk dot com slash radio weatherwise some sunshine finally breakthrough later on today in the capital city will probably see high of forty eight and tonight dropping down to thirty degrees again sunday a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow's high fifty nine sunday night a low of thirty eight monday tuesday and wednesday next week all sunshiny and warmer highs in the mid sixties and nights closer to forty now there's your accuweather forecast and on connie joe this saturday born in.

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