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Ninety seconds so as you start seeing videos in your feed just oh you're gonna start seeing more adds associated with it are they say they need to do that to make the the service more profitable and of course more profitable means more money but means more adds that we're going to see and our facebook feed and speaking of money targets told trying to compete with amazon on walmart now it's almost like the underdog guy so this past week target said okay we are going to get into sameday delivery to but in order to do that we're going to buy a company called shipped and they paid five hundred and fifty million dollars for target they say is going to use the start of technology platform to bring sameday delivery to half its stores by twenty eight t and finally andrew let me ask you a question when you're hungry you know when you're hungry i mean can you feel let me is it something that that your body says andrew hungry songs who's like a trick question yes of course a new one i'm hungry now at do you know when does your body tell you when when your full does your body cedi like okay i don't need any more that was a way you gotta works okay and then if you eat too much does your body absolutely say wow that was like way that was too much bacon ju don't ever do it again we'll version no such thing bud yes every single time well the reason why bring that up is because now we have new technology that you put this on your refrigerator this little tiny robotic magnet but us robotic and it's going to.

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