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President has also made some other news but this was really it didn't make a lot of headlines because was overshadowed by what happened in florida the president is proposing a tax he's a yeah believe it or adult it's eight twenty five cents a gallon tax on gasoline now if you live here in california that's about the last day of thing you wanna hear this president proposing a tax is unusual now he's not carved in stone on this in any way shape or form b b federal tax on gasoline has not been hiked in over twenty years it's been a long long time and that's exactly what the is looking at the fund his infrastructure spending proposal senator tom carper who attended the meeting confirmed a report by an online publication called axios that this president at back the increase at least in the talking stages the eight sent a gallon tax on gasoline and i think that's it somebody correct me if i'm wrong and that kind of look long and hard to find that has not been hiked up since 1993 the federal diesel taxes about 24 and a half cents a gallon so quoting this individual senator to my surprise president trump today and our meeting offered support for raising the gas and diesel tax by twenty five cents a gallon in dedicating that money solely due improving our roads highways and.

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