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Fifty dollars to the care of the every weekday at four fifteen PM for your chance to win good luck and happy holidays from southwest kia this traffic report is sponsored by DFW airport prepaid parking DFW airport makes parking for air travel easy is a click with new prepaid parking online just click park in save up to fifty percent plus use your toll tag to make parking even easier visit DFW airport dot com slash park please North Korea getting ready to deliver on its promised Christmas gift to the U. S. that story's coming up in just a couple of minutes but first traffic and weather together on the asus Christmas Eve morning seven twenty eight now John wolf is in the ten eighty traffic center yes in the bad news in Lewisville at all those lights are not Christmas LifeLock to lighten southbound thirty five he just before valley ridge only the right lane is open their traffic getting by very slowly it's backed up from four oh seven it would have been back to probably cross the bridge by now if it warrants Christmas Eve day so to say anyway a very bad accident there southbound on the Dallas north tollway before alpha had the two right lanes blocked slowdown coming these you come down from Spring Valley Plano west bound from white Rock Creek over the old Denton the left lane is going to be shut down for road work until nine fifteen this morning let's check in with Randy fuller for Tarrant county problem it's official we ARE accident free in Tarrant county now the north and one twenty one mid cities is cleared and bad for that back up quickly and winding thanks to Tito he happen to be in the area and gave us a buzz on the Kerley traffic tip line the tip us off in an Arlington westbound twenty that's moving it posted speeds from three sixty the green oaks expect fifteen minutes stretching through south Arlington and fort worth pretty quiet downtown thirty to one twenty one no delays at all and this report is sponsored by B. M. W. becoming from south like he's been one fourteen from wake chapel to the north end of the airport just twelve minutes to go all the way to the thirty five the merge that same triple to get twenty three minutes in total providing legendary performance exceptional offers at a premium ownership experience B. M. W. only makes one thing the ultimate driving machine that's B. M. W. I'm general Phoenix report seven thirty eight breaking traffic alerts when they happen John your Christmas Eve forecast now for exigen temperatures gonna be in the sixties today pushing the seventy degrees very warm for this time of year forty five.

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