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Washington case Keenum remains in concussion protocol Twain Haskins's but taking first team reps bill Callahan said they might know a little bit more today that keep him could still start Sunday even if he doesn't practice this week Adrian Peterson has also not practice the last two days for Washington San Francisco eight and after beating Arizona twenty eight twenty five Jimmy drop below three hundred seventeen yards and four touchdowns Joe Flacco is out four to six weeks he will not face the bills when they take on the Denver Broncos patriots are going to release Josh Gordon he is now going to be subject to the waiver wire the Sabres play in Washington tonight seven o'clock game six o'clock Paul William belts pregame show right here on WGR Brandon Montour could make his season debut tonight Jimmy BC returned to the practice ice yesterday and he's hoping to play tomorrow in the final game before the for Sweden those are your headlines it is football Friday and we're joined on our Wester hotline by John Murphy and his second brought to you by MT bank the official bank of the Buffalo Bills good morning Mr Murphy happy football Friday to use are you hold up okay under the crazy wins yeah I guess so no power at home but the others that were good all right well you know listen to the radio he get the old battery operated transistor radio you don't have one of those and I don't okay actually I need one but they don't I got when I let it I'll let you borrow it so I was looking at your story lines for the week and I think this is one that a lot of fans are wondering about after the Philadelphia game let's start with the bills defense and can it bounced back the answer might be yes due in part to who they're playing on Sunday right yeah I agree well I think we lost we lost Marcia will get Murph back in just a moment defense is much better than okay we lost for Sekhemre if you're fine go ahead about the D. fellow yeah we hear you I'm good yeah yeah no I think it's that you're right it's Washington team that is going to touch on a couple of weeks right it's been a couple games out of touch down court of a question that you just referenced in who knows will be playing running back so yeah I think it's a great chance for the buffalo defense to bounce back I I think there was an aberration last week I think that that's going to be an out liar in the the body work the put up defensively this year but we'll see I I've pretty much I have a lot of confidence in that group I think there's a lot of good players and and really good scheme for the bills defensively this year and I don't think that'll happen again not this week well you kind of took my next question but I'll follow up anyway because I think you know the the the real I'll guess I'll say the run defense specifically Murph because it had a tough day last week and it and it had some issues against Miami and I'm wondering if you think this is something that's problematic I don't I I think they'll fix it I think that it's probably already fixed what do you do you get good players there you know you gotta get a pretty good defensive line and they're getting contributions from guys that maybe no one even thought of I'm thinking of Jordan Phillips in particular I think Matt Milano is is off to the best start of his career I I think there's a pretty good defense and you know I think teams will because our souls the strong against the pass teams will focus on the run this Washington team like the do that because they cannot throw the ball at all and they'll get their reps in the running game but I don't know if the I have the kind I don't think they're gonna get the the kind of yards at Philadelphia got last week for sure okay offense simply for the bills it's a very much an inconsistent unit now averaging about nineteen points a game what they need to do to finish off more drive to score more points to become a more consistent unit you know they've done a pretty good job and shut down the the turnovers which were problem they only have to over the last three games a one fumble and one interception so that's good that's pointed in the right direction I think you know penalties are still in it your preset penalties account for half of their penalties so far this year but mostly I think in the biggest thing they can do is is get better quarterback play I think they they you know looking at Georgetown saying okay eighteen starts now go to start number nineteen let's take the next step and that includes you know not turning the ball over and being more conscious of of protecting the ball and he has done that for the most part the last couple of weeks but also includes just you know having a feel for what's going on during the game and being able to read things down feel clearly in and spot open receivers and and make the right decisions and he still got some work to do in that department and I think they're they're probably coach in a very hard this week to get in there I was curious about that you got a nice birds you've got the all twenty two view from your from your spot excuse me in the broadcast booth do you see it is Josh maybe not seeing the whole field are there plays original receivers that are open plays that are out there that that for whatever reason he is not finding yeah and it's hard to do that during the game live during the day calling the play by play could you have to watch the ball but I'll go back and watch video on all twenty two video when you see that I think you'll see that with with most quarterbacks by the way they don't they can't see everything but it's not just open receivers it sort of just a feel for you know where this this ball should go or or what where should I put this fall in and who is the the primary target here and I think it's it's sort of a a nuanced the approach to the game that that can only come through experience you know and and with eighteen NFL starts I think eighteen starts from now you'll be I think a lot more better at it than he is right now do you think in terms of the passing offense you know Tyler Kroft comes out at a couple catches that's with Murph we've been talking about how okay brown is your top guys having a good season Beasley is right there behind him although I thought his number to be a little bit better but after those two guys it's it's really wide open who do they need a consistent third threat and if they do who do you think would be your best option at that point after brown and Beasley yeah I mean there a lot of candidates are there and even you know going into the trade deadline a few days ago you started looking around the league and say well that guy can help this off answer that guy could get opener that got it looked at I think they need a mall you know they need Devin single there to be a factor in the in the in the as a pass receiver they need Dawson knocks to be a factor in in the passing game they need of you know maybe Robert foster who had to go a couple of throws his way last Sunday they need him to to maybe emerges a factor they need everybody they can get because the passing offense is really struggling and I think you know there's there's no you know Jerry rice's walking through that door if you know him you know they need a little bit from everybody in order to get the passing offense back where they need it you mentioned single Terry what do you got it yeah I got any ideas so I'm sure you and Steve talked about it this week no Kerry's in the first half last week not a tone the touches you have any ideas as to what's going on there no I mean they're playing a lot ready and a land which is many snaps and Frank gore I think it's it's just the you know what it's part of it is the game itself in other games played out and trying to come from behind against Philadelphia but yeah they can go that way I think they can given the ball more I think goods they they think you made a concerted effort when he came back from the hamstring to take it easy and not over work him but that's now two or three weeks ago right it's time for him to to become the guy that they're looking for in and the opportunity is there you can't you know Frank gore is not going to handle it if it's twenty carries a game and they already started to doubt him down in terms of snaps in Kerry's last week so yeah I think single Terry time is right now to emerge he's another one like that has to he has to contribute they have I think they have the pieces in place another got to just settle on whose get and where they are they going to get it to him but both passing and read and running the ball hi mark have a good call Sunday enjoy your weekend we'll talk about it next week okay thank you thanks John dumber for joining us on the western hotline and he.

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