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In hotels where i woke up well fucked up for by the by the bed do you think the hotel did it on purpose these cubs chitty not helping the red zone to infecting yeah i was karnal season is going down the to think they played the reds no but i mean it's it is i wonder if like hotels no that the other teams are coming to town stick in this one they have like ten rooms shitty bad but isn't there one aren't there stories of teams going hotel getting wakeup calls at like one three or five like the yeah layoffs playoffs yeah he's having all people go outside and chanting yell and bank pot so they that's part of it yes this is all kind of ship and you gotta love well don't go on the v ten dates able to little russian with the rube of done that now now the the ruble ruble likely drug on the fucking ruth the next morning without pants right and pitched and fish without pants all right kardashians clinton athlete at this point if you are just i feel like if you're an athlete look lamar odom just did not work yeah i mean she and will tristan thompson mike now because the kardashians courses caught cheating on her on tape you know at the club with like video of him like cheating on crashing because she is considered a beloved figure but i'm saying she has her fans out there and has a platform with which to be like iran mia he is now dealing with that shit and i don't know if you watched game one of like the cleveland cavaliers cliffs series they looked they looked awful they just got beat lebron could be out in the first round think about that crazy driving to say i doubt it i don't know man look good look great all the depot it's all they've been doing all year deebo i'll even overlooked fact that depot released an album issue.

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