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My Rockies baseball Rockies on Deck. No, Here's Jack Corrigan and Mike Race. Welcome to Colorado Rockies Baseball Tonight, The Rockies begin their final trip East as they open up a four game set in Philadelphia against the Phillies. Hi, everybody. Jack Corrigan, Along with Mike Rice and our executive producer Jesse Thomas. We've got Dragon red bearded Master control. Doug Niemeier will be joining us shortly. The Rockies once again tonight are going to face a picture They haven't really seen before. And a guy who is red Hot. He sure is. Ranger Suarez. The left hander has been so good Jack in his last three outings in particular after Transitioning back from being the closer there for a while, but last three outings he has given up two earned runs in 17 innings. He's been very, very good was the starter through the minor leagues, so this is an unfamiliar territory for him, But it is for the Rockies against him tonight. And for the Rockies. It'll be Antonio sends it tell us since has been very good himself over his last half dozen starts. Here's our pregame line report brought to us by bed, MGM The king of Sports books. Download the bed, MGM F turned Game days into paydays, please bet responsibly. Rockies..

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