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San jose two o'clock this is cbs news on the hour presented by ziprecruiter i'm dave barrett this afternoon a pedestrian bridge at miami's florida international university collapsed onto a multi lane street it was shocking very shocking woman helped rescue a driver whose car was hit by a bridge section miami dade fire departments paul esther penny in with this update our units responded to find eight trapped vehicles under the bridge at this time we've transported eight victims to hospitals and says w f o r tv's rick full bom we do know and have been able to confirm through our sources that several people at least have been killed we've also been able to witness another three or four people being treated for injuries some of them being transported from the scene and taken to local hospital bridge had just been put in place last weekend and was to open next year city of sweetwater mayor orlando lopez was soon to be common iconic staple part any connectivity between the city and the university has actually turned out to be a national tragedy us subpoena has been issued by special counsel robert muller demanding documents from the trump organization some of which are linked to russia andrew cohen is cbs news senior legal analyst it is obvious why the special counsel as investigators want this information from the trump organization and there's little doubt that the company will have to comply how the politics of it shakes out depends i suppose on how broad or narrow the subpoena is and how closely the president is coordinating with the company on how to respond in a statement this afternoon the trump organization says it continues to cooperate with various investigations condemnation from the us today of russia for an attack this month in britain sarah sanders at the white house briefing united states as we have said all along stands in solidarity with its closest ally the united kingdom we share the united kingdom's assessment that russia's responsible for the reckless nerve agent attack on british citizen and his daughter and the united states is working together with our allies and partners ensure that this kind of attack does not happen again britain france and germany have all had harsh words for russia following that attack also today nineteen russian individuals are now subject to more sanctions those imposed by the us for hacking and for election meddling stateside toys r us is closing all of its stores thousands of employees to be laid off heads up says business analyst jill schlesinger telling consumers if you have a toys r us gift card tried.

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