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Senator Kelly Leffler, Joe Biden, Richard Burr discussed on All In with Chris Hayes


In. Msnbc IT'S GONNA BE GREAT. Thank you joy. Thanks thank you so much Chris. Still the Joe Biden have the most progressive platform of any Democratic presidential nominee. In recent memory. Minimum wage. Emmigration boxes medically here to make the case on. Biden's agenda yesterday we had some news about an FBI investigation into Republican. Senator Kelly Leffler of Georgia before it gets to that news. Just remember the trajectory this whole thing right in the middle of March when the coronavirus pandemic was just beginning to spike in this country news broke about questionable. Stock Trades made by a few senators propublica reported that North Carolina Republican Richard. Burr sold up to one point. Seven million dollars in stock around the time. He was receiving daily briefings on the growing health threat. They reported his biggest sales included companies. That are among the most vulnerable to an economic slowdown on all the trades. Looked pretty suspicious the next day. The Daily Beast reported that center-left. They're also sold up to three point. One million dollars in stock after a CORONA VIRUS BRIEFING. Chelsom purchase hundred thousand of dollars tricks Oracle stock to companies that specialize in digital work environments also. Pretty sketchy seeming. At least the reports about other senators transactions but when you scratch the surface. They didn't look as serious. So Leffler were really seemed like a category of their own. They also seem like they might be the focus of actual federal criminal investigation on the one. Big Difference is that Kelly Leffler though she was not president. Trump's first choice to be appointed to senator has been doing everything in our power to endear himself to him constantly praising him whereas Richard Burr sort of cross trump overseeing the Senate intelligence investigation into Russian interference he called trump junior and jared Kushner to testify. He supported the findings of the motor report that Russia tried to help trump. He was about to release the final report from his committee. So this sort of question hung around. Is there a difference in the way that the two Republican senators have been treated by the Justice Department? Then we learned to new things about Kelly. Leffler one of them is that after these stories broke her husband. Who is the CEO of a company that owns the New York Stock Exchange knowing full? Well that his wife might be under investigation. Gave a million dollars one million dollars to trump's SUPERPAC and while Richard. Bergen served with a warrant and his phone is seized by the FBI which then immediately gets leaked to the press. Leffler says she's been cooperating with the FBI apparently on her own accord and a warrant and no leagues all of which brings us to the latest Kelly. Leffler news yesterday. We found out that her case has been closed. Long with two of the other senators. I mentioned so. That's it. We're done here. Not Richard Borough ever no no birds in a different category. It seems likely burs going to have this. Continue to hang over him. Maybe who knows could ultimately result in criminal charges but Kelly left? I case has been closed by the FBI. Well Richard Burr is still hanging out there even though it does seem on the surface like they did pretty similar things. And maybe that's how it should be. Maybe it's all done in good faith. Maybe an investigation into Leffler transactions showed. There's nothing there. Maybe what bur did was on the merits much worse. And that's why he's still under investigation. Or maybe Kelly leftovers husband give a million dollars to trump's SUPERPAC and trump is department of justice. Let her go normally. I would not think that that's the way went down that it can't possibly be that brazen and open and corrupt. But can you really trust and William Bars Department justice to do the right then spend is completely altered the presidential racer to say from the coverage of the primary to win and how it actually ended. It's also exposed Donald Trump for his weaknesses which were already quite apparent before even sharper relief. Now and that's why he's pulling average. The realclearpolitics average is at its worst position in a while after this very long hotly contested Democratic primary there's now a tremendous amount of unity on the democratic side. I think it's fair to say Joe. Biden's campaign is creating joint policy. Task Forces with Bernie Sanders people and medically rates and vox. Bill Biden did not run aggressively ideological primary campaign. The substance of his proposed agenda on everything from housing to education to minimum wage to climate change is arguably the most progressive policy platform of the Democratic nominee in history joining me. Now the author of that piece medically see a senior correspondent at Fox. Not I like the piece you had. You had been one of the box. People who had sort of made the case for Sanders early in the primary when different authors were doing that. You're sort of on the substance of just. What's in the platform? Why do you say that? It is possibly the most progressive agenda Democratic nominee that that has happened so far. You Know Joe Biden is is a Democratic Party lifer. He's a very mainstream Democrat. He he's been there for a lot of years. A lot of that sort of old history came up during the primary but the evolution of the Democratic Party has been in a much more progressive direction over the past five ten twenty years and I think that's really reflected in this platform. I mean a small thing is biden is for fifteen dollars. An hour minimum wage right. We didn't talk about that a lot during the primary because the candidates all agreed but as recently as twenty sixteen that was a very divisive issue. That was something Hillary and Bernie Sanders to out an enormous amount. And now it's like you. You didn't hear it because it's the consensus but it's the consensus that actually drives what might happen in policy terms and so you look at Down the road you know. He's talking about doubling pell. Grants TRIPLING HOUSING ASSISTANCE. big increases in federal funding for low income schools as well as this really actually quite ambitious climate policy agenda. And it's not that Joe Biden is the most hard core leftist in Democratic Party politics. But it's the party's whole is a much more sort of uniformly progressive force than it was just even.

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