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M K X X Y FM ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City. Authorities on the scene of a mass shooting California Calvin right KT. Okay. News center, a country dancehall Thousand Oaks, California, thirteen people mostly college students killed in a mass shooting last night. I witnessed like Tyler Spady say the shooter dressed in black trenchcoat tossed a smoke grenade onto the bar before opening fire with a handgun aimless shooting in any direction, and he pointed and just started shooting at the crowd that I was in. He was just trying to the borderline bar and grill in Thousand Oaks hosting an event where shots rang out before midnight. The gunman was killed and among the dead. Sergeant Ron heels of the Ventura County sheriff's department there in California to jailers charge after they were accused of beating a restraint inmate at the K county detention center Zane van devere and Daniel van devere each charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and battery news for reporting the inmate identified as Christopher Brennan also charge the incident court records. Show at occurred on September twenty six from both van De Beers Brennaman restraint Jerry allegedly after causing a disturbance, Zane VanDerveer resigned. Daniel van devere. He's been placed on administrative leave. Now, thirty six year old boy pulled from lake Stanley, Draper and Oklahoma City has died. Here's Sean Carey. Authorities say the child had been submerged for quite a while. And was in cardiac arrest went divers pulled him from the lake he was taken to a hospital in critical condition. Authorities say the child's mother had brought him and three siblings to the lake when they arrived. He ran from the car and fell off the end of the dock. He was found in about eleven feet of water. The former operator when he would exotic animal park. Joe exotic who wants ran for governor now accused of shooting and killing five Tigers of the park to make room for other big cats. Oklahoma City US attorney Robert tracer says fifty five year old Joseph Maldonado passage also illegally. So tiger cubs. Falsified records the wildlife transactions. Maldonado passage. Charge less at timber. Trying to hire hit man to kill a woman in Florida. They want a copyright lawsuit against me remains in federal custody. Oklahoma reaction to the resignation of Jeff Sessions. Here's Beth Myers. Whoever takes over for US attorney Jeff Sessions will have a big role to fail not from Oklahoma US Senator James Langford after sessions resigned yesterday at the request of President Trump Langford says sessions worked for two years to advance key issues such as the enforcement of federal law and protection of civil rights. Senator Jim Inhofe says sessions is a man of integrity who stood up for law enforcement officers and worked to strengthen immigration enforcement and fight the opioid epidemic voter turnout in Tuesday's midterm election. The highest since at least nineteen Eighty-six, according to the state election board one million one hundred eighty five thousand votes cast for governor fifty percent of all registered fifty-six percent, rather of all registered voters, and some might say the notion of Oklahoma being the registered the red states might be apparent Jacqueline, Scott Republicans and Democrats traded a handful of seats in the state legislature in Tuesday's election, but the GOP will. Continue control of the legislature for at least another two years. Preliminary results indicate Democrats picked up one new seat in the Senate. So there are now thirty nine Republicans nine Democrats in the state Senate in the state House Republicans gained three seats to expand their majority seventy six to twenty five Republicans have controlled both houses of the legislature since two thousand eight..

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