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Addition of the box invoice radio. We got some great news to men put on one hell of an all action action of fair reaching two point one million viewers on fox julian jay rock williams dethroned jared heard the unified w._b._z. A is the f. i._b._o. Champion now williams in heard. We'll do it again again. According to sources dot com and they'll be doing it in the barclay center december fourteen but let's not forget the julian jay rock williams reminded everyone talk that all future opponents he will be requesting at at least ninety days of random blood testing by vodka and i quote you won't be cycling for me now. We're gonna find out schools really the best at one hundred fifty four pounds so if you're interested in this. This is exactly what we're going to be talking about. You know the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty-one press one one time voiced opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline. Don't forget to add mr gibbs on skype to be part of the okay. She was also they finish wouldn't stand up which is combined dot com yoyo yoyo looking back to digital boxing voice in what's up everybody in the.

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