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To 66 68 68, you might commiserating You could email me Vinnie it Vinnie Penn dot net too. Or, uh, tweet at me Act Vinnie Penn. Um, but I'm getting I Getting texts during the show for my daughter. That are, uh, they're getting to me. And when I say I don't know, I've never done this before. Uh, I've certainly got a text during my radio shows before, but this is it. This kid is She was born, smiling. She is the most up B. Fun, love and gal there ever was truly, truly that I would be the word the adjective Moody could never be employed to describe my 17 year old daughter. It started with a simple the vibes or low right now that was accompanied by a picture. Of her where I thought she was trying to be cute and funny, because we we text each other all day, my son as well. We antagonize each other with Selfies and Uh, Then I sent her something that I thought you might appreciate trailer to a new movie coming out. And when she didn't respond, I'm like, Oh, That's when she said, I told you the vibes alot not having a good day. Ask Well, why And she said, everything sucks. All my friends aren't going to school. I'm just annoyed with the whole year. She's a senior in high school. S so I said, Do you mean they're all deciding to stay home? Now? My daughter's doing hybrid. She goes school two days a week. Her senior year is Thursday and Friday. In school. And she's been great about like, that's not. I mean, I don't want to say it's enough for but she hasn't goodbye. She looks forward to Thursdays and Fridays. And all is well. So I said, What do you mean? They're all deciding to say home now suddenly and like who? Alina, because that's her number one. That's her ride or die. On starting when I asked and she said, literally, everyone's done. They've opted out. Rachel, Alina, Carly! Nate Hannah, I'm just going to be completely alone and I don't want to stay home because it's my senior year. And I do mean this When I say, do you? Ours is a fun house. She's constantly telling you half the friends names. I just rattled off there. She their home lives. They're tough stories to hear they all can't wait to get out of there. Uh, We have a lot of fun in my house. I'm not lying to myself. You couldn't get my daughter out of the house up until like, two years ago. Sophomore year. My son loves that film 24 7. So I said, Well, uh, then illuminate me. Is this scared? Parents making the call? Uptick on there is talking the Talk going around that? Yeah. This hybrid thing we're going to probably give it a rest. You're gonna go all virtual. Uh, So was it that she said No. They all say they don't see the point anymore. Which I said I don't get that I thought they all did their houses according to you, and she's they do? It's just that everything sucks. Uh, Then she went outside. I want to talk about it anymore. I mean driving school right now. All that's right. Yeah. Did I mention she's getting her driver's license in her bedroom, virtually online? Um, I've never These kids born 2003. That's my daughter, 4 4005. Were they pandemic kids? I don't really know what we're what we're doing here. The mixed messages. The school's back on the Were Lucy holding up the football for Charlie Brown, and he rushes towards it, sucker and she just pulls it away. Because we keep saying this is the day your everything goes back to normal way now we're not even doing that really anymore. Ah listener. W archeo, Steadfast listener sent me the story. And framing him. Framingham High School. What's been going on there looking at the story. Learning remotely since March..

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