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Now why is it only forty eight percent because a lot of those married different sex couples are empty nesters there are people who don't have kids at home here's here's another bit i think is kind of interesting is the median adjusted gross household income for gay male couples it's higher than for female female couples and much higher than opposite sex couples in other words far from being an oppressed group gay married male male to male couples in particularly the median income is one hundred nine thousand hundred ten thousand actually and for married opposite sex couples it's eighty thousand so interesting to me now what do i take away from this i'd take away this it's basically when you look back at the battle royal over gay marriage and it was a state after state and at first they were like thirty different states that voted to preserve traditional marriage is marriage between one man one woman and then there were four victories in the other way where states voted usually very closely here in washington was one percent and were they voted to redefine marriage and on both sides the rhetoric was very very superheated in other words it's going to change the world if we redefine marriage is going to change everything i said that i believed it i can acknowledge i think i was wrong and i do think that people on the other side should acknowledge that it's wrong in other words the other side said this is going to change everything and suddenly it's going to be a whole new world and everything will be happier for all gay people and they'll be greater acceptance i understand that for some gay couples that this has made a difference and okay more power to them but the idea of this completely altering america which we had feared and some people had hoped can we say that the rhetoric on both sides was probably super heated speaking of superheated rhetoric ben sasse just moments ago my favorite senator certainly one of my favorites senators senator from nebraska spoke on the.

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