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Is not a very strong actress iii agassi that um yeah episode al fayed after noticing this episode i can see that as a kind of thing that's been happened in the whole time though right like from job like is always been like uh i don't know like i say i can't tell was the writing around her or is her in some of the stuff because sometimes i just feel like the way they do right stuff for her to do is like it doesn't convey that many emotions anyway so maybe they're lean in a harder do ally in cheeses not able to pull it off carr's i think we think of better i think a better actress would be able to pull off light some mediocre lines or if you have saying i think lewis oppose a empathize with her in his seen deep knox i completely not is over them i was completely told these odd which i dunno this ever happened before i was like toby right look foggy jog your mouth and even in that toby was still was like you know what i respect that and um i'm gonna do whatever it takes to you now want celebrate warning tell anybody she's like tokto anybody's i i won't tell anybody like tempting they can't tell his family came to light if you tell hill just don't tell me so i give me a spoiler for something in being like the movie comes out of six months just don't tell me i don't wanna noted now go around a slug it up for somebody else uh so i she leaves um and uh the next time we see her i believe she's a though the food.

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