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So you're O'Connor welcome to forecasting KRILL Anti Jason. So happy to be. I'm excited. Davir Peterson actor. Yes he is. I've seen you in two plays people I've seen in more than one play in my life. One of them over it does it. Does it speak your feelings about theater at all although if you ask my wife? That's what I was elected. Both of the place I saw you end. She would probably say that. It does speak my attitude towards theater but luckily the two things I saw you in were excellent and you were excellent in them. You're a very good actor you've been on TV shows. You've been in movies. You were recently in Hustler's that's true. But when I asked you what your defining movie was you said the outsiders Francis Ford Coppola and Seo. Hinton's the outsiders which I. I just laughed because knowing you I was like of course like get the leather jacket. And some hair grease and you were all in. Yeah so how did you encounter this film? Tell me a little bit first of all about your your upbringing. How you grew up twenty miles directly west of us a multi everything. Suburb of New Jersey Probably middle class to upper middle class. ascended my dad was in construction and they didn't know what getting HBO was going to mean for the children for the children. And how many siblings did you have? One of each very lucky. I have a younger sister and Irish twin Eighteen months younger and I have an older brother Three years older. So who with whom I with my Confronted the outsiders. I was trying to figure out last night. Maybe nine ten freaking young okay pretty young. So it's sort of an older sibling introduction to this movie I feel S- right and it did you see it on cable. Yes and in privacy. My point was that my parents didn't know we were watching. Well I don't think it's a what is it rated? Pg Yeah so that's fair. I guess but we watch other stuff too like my eight year. Old and was puttering around last night. When I was watching this to get ready for the podcast and I was like I couldn't remember. Is there anything in this it actually ironically? Greece is more troublesome to watch with children than this sexually. Greece has a lot of like repy jokey trying to get over stuff on women. That doesn't really stand quite well this day and age TESCO time. I guess for me last night watching watching it was more that how sad how sad it is at the end is that that's really the thing and that's what we gotta do. So you were nine ten. I saw this in theaters in nineteen eighty three. When I was I think thirteen fourteen years old right in the sweet spot demo while I should say the original streets by Demo is probably if you're a thirteen or fourteen year old girl. This movie is engineered for you right As my wife Amanda said I said what is it that you like about this movie and she said all those cute cute boys. I had a crush on every one of them. Not My personal experience of the movie. May maybe it was yours. I don't know right now. I want you cute redhead but did lane gorgeous. Yeah but for us for me. I mean when I plugged into. Is that that sense of. Just how heavy you think life is thirteen or fourteen or nine or a ten year old boy. Do you think this film was melodrama. It's a question I have for you to your point. Yes definitely I mean it's over the top it's emotional pitch tone operatic. Couple had a good quote. Actually he said that. It was originally conceived as gone with the wind for teenagers. Perfect and that really is sort of emotional. Tenor of the movie right. It's overwrought. It's everything show heartfelt. I mean it's that you know. So what did you respond to? When you saw the coolness I mean okay did I mean dally. You know so early for you on legal man Matt Dally and Johnny I think were the WHO. I- interesting was most focused on. I was thinking we'll wind up. Pony Pony boy. The leading men ness of it. That almost like he's your your him more than you realize as you take yourself through the store when I step out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house had only two things on my mind on the and a ride home. Prices aimed Mister Johnny Valley. Yeah I think for for boys for men watching it. There's obviously like there's so many male characters that there's somebody that you can see yourself in if you're a sort of rambunctious wise ass you're going to be the Emilio Estevez character right. I don't know who would be the Tom Cruise character. He's the one person I feel is a little bit miscast in this movie. I don't know if you felt that no. I felt that that was an early example of him getting to do what he may have been capable of doing more of later. Editing not been so movie start and then streamline down the line yeah I think he does a great job in it really. Yeah Okay Yeah. I think once you get the idea that it's Tom Cruise NewsWatch this guy. The accent is he nails. He's kind of weird. I like it why should I be? Hero shoddy fear. He doesn't quite nail the accent. But I mean one of the things you have to give the movie. Everybody's fifteen sixteen fourteen except for Patrick swayze. Who's great forty thousand? Five hundred twenty nine was he thinks. Oh Oh Twenty. Five or twenty nine but everyone else in their teens. And so it's it's. It's asking a lot to have what I think we would expect in terms of nuanced performances in film from people who are so young craft. Except in a couple of instances where you have someone who's so fully himself in like a Matt Dillon for example as doing such a thing. Yeah but even that like it's amazing. Coppola asks them to do and let them do. And let's be in the film that you buy it because there's a washing unless there's several examples of doing quote marks. The boys like crying shares no moisture anywhere to be found right and they're and they're allowed to kind of go through that thing and you know what you're with it you're you're so into earliest. I'm with you so into the circumstances that you Kinda roll it sheriff. Well let's watch a little of the famous scene from the drive. In where see Thomas Sowell? Matt Dillon Ralph Macho. Diane Lane are in the bleacher section of the drive in not in a vehicle. She has fled the vehicle of her show she boyfriend get your feet off my chair. Shut your trap. Who's GonNa make your boyfriend liberal on? Doubt Jail. Orson sure whatever you say and I'll call the cops. Oh my got me scared to death. What am I what am I gonNA do now? Pony s-curves making we shake Salinas alone. You'll nice and leave us alone. Interest June Coca Cola seven. She's with her friend who we never. Unfortunately do we ever hear from her again? She's wonderful we did. She's great actually some Info on her. So Michelle May. Rank is the actor. Who Is Diane? Lane's best friend in the movie every brief career. She's doing the podcast. You look at a lot of MTV pages and you get to recognize. There are certain certain types of acting careers. She has a very specific one. She was active only for five years and then got out of the business. Sure but in five years I three movies outsiders valley girl revenge of the nerds and then real genius. A movie fans here on the podcast here. Remember I had this live with me. I'm here just let last night. Yes something to do with my hands. I hope about this is where. I'm pretty sure I have a brother and I use them for size and in person and have pretty good. I for that sort of thing so I just went ahead and made you one because I was up or you ping. Yeah I never sleep. I don't know what had adrover nuts. I mean really nuts to take away in an ambulance and everything. But she's okay now but she had to transfer Tunisia school. But our of that do be Michael but listen. If you ever need to talk any help saying just let me know. Because I'm just a cold down from you guys and I never sleep okay. So she got out of the business. Looks.

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