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Hangover aspirin and caffeine and powder form place on tongue and take with water hangover responsibly Find it a Dollar General Good morning it's 5 48 Traffic a mother on the 8th here in its Jack Taylor in the traffic center Hide the progress will be slow and very very steady but at this point the closures remain in Virginia 95 going northbound between ladysmith and thornburg and between garrisonville road and triangle Southbound between 6 ten garrisonville road and the center port Parkway all dealing with the multiple crashes broken down vehicles Everybody that's been stranded for hours and hours Route one reopened between Quantico and Joplin road the earlier downed wires cleared 17 remains closed in hardwood north of 6 12 hartwood road multiple track two trailers were involved in that crash traffic remains stopped Icy conditions blocking Joplin road between I 95 and Prince William national forest road You'll find yourself rerouted Trouble spot on a normally wet day northbound GW Parkway the ramp to the inner lip of the beltway once slid off the roadway to the right side Crash cleanup Virginia and Alexandria interloop local lanes before telegraph road along the right side outer loop as you leave Braddock road the ramp to go south on I 95 in Springfield that crash had been along the left side of the roadway Now we'd had some slow traffic to deal with on the BW Parkway in Maryland making the trip south of 32 right there by the way the southbound ramp to 32 from the BW Parkway had been temporarily blocked with assault truck on scene inside the beltway south BW Parkway before two O two the broken down truck had been in the right lane Now Dada Bethesda the Clare Barton Parkway remains blocked it is closed unfortunately between the glencoe turnaround and the district line This is due to multiple trees down in the roadway Two 70s okay south coming out of Frederick No big worries downtown if you have to be out We're quiet on the freeway D.C. two 95 and I two 95 and no early issues along New York avenue Jack Taylor WT will be traffic Jack thanks let's get our weather now with storm team fours Mike steinfeld Mike there's more snow expected to come later this week Are we looking at another storm Not on the storm but just a few.

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