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Visiting sei see dot com slash sees change juliet thanks so much dagwin noth korea is said to offer a conditional halt to its icpm program ed baxter is covering global news in our bloomberg 960 san francisco newsroom ads are chillier thank you with the backdrop of kim jongun saying he's willing to talk about its nuclear weapons programme yesterday the question today is are both really in place today chosun report says that the offer on icbms is conditional depending on us attitude south korean our voice had asked him to suspend and discard the icbm program when they visited the north during the olympics the report also says the north is said to have agreed to release us citizens as a condition of dialogue with the us meanwhile south korean president moon is telling reporters that he wants to make sure everybody understands this is just a first step he has tapping down expectations for his trip to the border to meet with kim neck month and us defense secretary james mattis says the us as well is optimistic we've been optimistic before so we're gonna have to watch actions of cfa met words meanwhile nobel peace laureate and the fact a leader of me and more on sun soon cheese having her human rights award from the us holocaust museum revoke it says she has failed to respond adequately to the mass killings of me and mars muslim rowing minority israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says any peace plan for israelis and palestinians must have israel in military control he says if not the region collapses every area that we live military militant islam could we left lebanon do came in with his buck we left gaza iran came in with hamas will leave route the was back militarily or most of it this people stipulate in their various peace plans you'll have either come us coming in that iran all you'll have isis commended netanyahu in conversation with bloomberg 'peertopeer host david rubinstein former russian spy in his daughter fighting for the in britain a praying for their lives are attacked with a nerve agent in a targeted murderer a tab british authorities say it was a radio active poison they say the two were specifically targetted police officer who immediately treated them at the scene is also in serious condition uk medical officer sally davies with reassurance to the.

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