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Arrest in connection with the mass shooting over the weekend in Austin, Texas, a 17 year old high school student. Area. Aldinger ABC News KGO 8 10 News Update Good afternoon in his 5 31 I'm Paul Rogers in the KGO newsroom Governor Newsom was in San Francisco today, touting more incentives for residents get vaccinated as part of the backs for the win program, the state will be given away what are built his dream vacation packages to six individuals who have had their shots. Do some highlighting some of the packages today floor seats at the Lakers game. Disney Land Lego Land Sea World Opportunities, not just only to stay at that rich Carlton down upon springs, but opportunity state hotels up here. Symphony Down south now too shabby. The state will also provide winners with spending money. On top of that winning names will be drawn the first of next month. California lawmakers have approved a new state operating budget, which means they will continue to get paid, but their plan likely won't become law In its current form. Legislative leaders are still negotiating with Governor Newsom. Under the final spending plan. They disagree on revenue projections and how much money to spend on ongoing programs. Going to be a hot week throughout California, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in some spots. Despite that, the state's power managers say there should be enough electricity to go around, and Gonzalez with California independent system operator says they've learned from last year went long heat waves lead rolling outages. We found some areas that we could improve our market on and so we implemented. A series of pretty crucial market redesigns and policy changes in our system, and that will mitigate some of those flaws that were exposed by that historic extreme heat. Gonzalez as the energy supplies robust and they don't anticipate any rolling blackouts this week, but they might ask for voluntary conservation. In the late afternoons. Caltrain is set to resume service WHO Oracle Park for San Francisco Giants games tomorrow. An extra train will leave San Francisco station about 15 minutes after the last Out or when the train is form. It's an express to Milbury station before making all the local stop south to San Jose's Dearden station. This support sponsored by Staples Stores, Staples is evolving into.

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