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To talk with pro very happy to introduce to a good friend of mine. Mine andrew are just muscat from malta. Hello andrew how are you. I'm very very good indeed and we known each other for four or five years. Already and andrew is the attorney general for the mediterranean theresa foundation and in today's episode we're going to talk about the empty f. as i recall in shortening so could you share with us sir little bit but the vision and mission of the m._t._v. empty as you are one of the co founders yeah i thank you for hosting me sam on your on on your show <hes> and it's always a pleasure for me to share how how it all started <hes> actually apart from being the sexiest aja salaam the co founder of the mediterranean tourism foundation together with all these ira another friend of yours you know from someone off the say leading businessmen this meant in malta but also say visionary and this takes us back to about ten years ago when i started take some ventures here with the autism restaurants association which is the main association for hotel years <hes> <hes> <hes> and <hes> when this brought me to meetings in the european union institutions because of course apart from being being an association which lobbies the national the national authorities we also have the obligation we have to lobby the european union institutions because the swamp dan where many of the loss on an active <hes> and influence other members i could immediately sense i could immediately assume that the mediterranean countries when it comes to put his do not really collaborate amongst themselves and i want to spend moment because i see i i was very ironic. Given that the mediterranean region threats one third of international tourism. It's the most important region when it comes to this into <hes> and i coined this phenomenon has the univision syndrome as you were also sam at the univision. The scandinavian countries north dakota drinks block votes to each other <hes> the central eastern countries of europe would've vote each other but when it comes to the mediterranean the french. Won't you tell you so. It's the same i think what comes to visit <hes> so this got me thinking and the more i thought about what i started to get convinced that something needs to be done about this. <hes> in particular that's given them a as i was thinking about this and they was watching the news in the evening. I started to see that the mediterranean is mentioned in the news everyday but unfortunately for the wrong reasons unfortunately the news media joffe cover the beep drowning in the sea immigration. <hes> terrorist attacks <hes> economic crisis in the mediterranean so unfortunately the mediterranean usually hits the headlines for the wrong reasons when sim time on the other side of the coin the birth a good majority of the people are seeking to spend their vacations in our country's so i said this is some distance michael. This is my mission in life that do something about it and that's where i start to organize the first one <hes> i conference <hes> i spent the general meeting of the hotels and restaurants association into a mediterranean tourism photo and it's dead it all starts by bringing people together by bringing people who are not not directly related to tourism sector lump just hoteliers spot anybody who has an interest in mediterranean tourism and this includes lutes developers experts <hes> <hes> <hes> people coming from the <hes> security business anybody furniture business uniforms anybody because if you think about it took him <unk> which involves everybody even in in terms of human resources qualified be less qualified beeping it brings everybody together and it was an immediate success and to a very long slowly shortage eventually grew so quickly getting to know people even like yourself as you mentioned about six years ago five years ago only to know each other and we started dating to create a new family an international sanity beep coming from all over the world all trying to keep the parts but also learn from each other and as you know the latest last <hes> forum which we have as now grew so much that we had about more than one thousand five hundred people coming from thirty five different countries and this is what is amazing about displeasure fair to five different countries people coming from ecuador peru new york australia the new zealand japan china india <hes> in finland sweden ghana gentlemen gone gone. I came here to go with them. Sort of fifty people coming along gardener. What is more amazing is that he pledged to clone mediterranean prison foundation in to the west africa foundation something which hopefully will and being able to launch later on this year this year we also had the princess <hes> <hes> donahue loss of jordan was also the governor offense around the famous spits on which side <hes> <hes> written to us encouragement support by pope francis himself bump diverting it <hes> because when i was explaining to his ambassador our vision that's adds to promote tourism as weak your for peace and stability across the mediterranean region. This was something which attracted the attention of his holiness and two weeks later the meeting which seems beautiful letter which was doing gaulish summits earlier on this year so <hes> <hes> <hes> d._v._d. Wants to take what's dispirit. What's do what's the reason why this project is growing so much first of all i think i think it's special <hes> it's especially in the indus project. All the people who are involved directly or indirectly medically have to give to bring people together to get to know new cultures will not afraid of diversity that we are happy. That's why we believe that. Diversity is the beauty <hes> it was <hes> and <hes> and also it's questionable so creating new projects. They'll get it so relevance to the relevant to the businessmen. We're not the shame. We don't wait what else i'm glad to say that we do projects also to earn money <hes> because money is a is an important also variable whole formula yes so bringing people with ideas with resources without with with with with with with opportunities bring them together in the same and create projects and the projects of course we are looking on different initiatives. We have <hes> worked on a project <hes> <hes> about energy efficiency <hes> so we developed an app <hes> which was distributed uh-huh skunk to being this debut hoteliers and martha to compare to manage to better manage their consumption evidence that energy consumption levels but more importantly important to share <hes> keep it forms that is also keep it for the syndicate. There's against <hes> for benchmarking purposes against against other similar hotels in the particularly to learn from best practices from each other and to each other. I understand under that also have connected with the music and are doing some sort of events relating to the mediterranean music or orchestra. Could you share with us. One is idea and who you're working with. Music is the international language right. Everybody agrees about this. We have done something about <hes>. Throughout history. Mediterranean identity has been invited strong. Unfortunately the last in recent years the identity of the mediterranean has soaked off drained out and became europeans afflictions now our as the foundation wants to bring back this identity this wrong then view of the mediterranean and we believe that music music help achieve this goal. I mean just think about um <hes> bomani. It's mica diabetes u._k. Elvis his medica music helps to be to build identity so it never happened here before we have sept- monetize the stage for top popstars of the mediterranean. Our aim is that on the fourth of october in collaboration with your tagliani leaving registration until we will bring together a lineup of about fifteen talk pop stars coming from italy egypt <hes> the junior museum greece and month now anyone who is wanted to come join this event. How can they find <unk> out the tickets and everything like that. It's i wanted something. Which is it's a concert which is free and it's gonna on friday for october. What is interesting is on the first over. That's gonna be another beautiful event called valetta not bianca when voletta capcity open doors all the museums all dependencies invalid with open doors for three for the general public it would be a lot of music fooled so a weekend event starting friday with the concert saturday not bianca inviolate and friday of course <hes> you can go back and among <hes> so information about this is on met it stars festival dot com i will put that in the comments so <hes> i would put that in the comments and then that way everyone who is listening who are on on and watching live and who is watching after the show. We'll have a chance to visit that website then then more information because this is event not to be missed missed absolutely it's it's for free however you need to download tickets to <hes> to ensure that there will be reserved displacement expecting about twenty thousand people on this event. <hes> it's amazing gets exciting in its i mean it opens all those who are following. You certainly got mike lewis popped up here on. That's very nice now. <hes> ah your your visionary you have a very large vision for the mediterranean <hes> through what you've been working on anything else. You'd like to share about the future because it's not only about multi multi says more than we are talking about the whole all the countries which are surrounded by malta how this could affect them yeah. I am a multi stages. It's the installing control stage in the middle of the mediterranean is the meeting place however it has dimension which is not just about malta. We have woodworking gonna project about faith based design with five months. Vatican sees the bathroom headlamp creating the mediterranean christmas portal de mario roots in the mediterranean creating opportunities for people took get together and work together respective of religion <hes> a culture you know bringing them together because we are all at the handle today mediterranean two very good now these are very exciting news that you have in bed sharing and i think i love to do some future shows relating to as we get closer to to the event in october and also to kind of get further awareness and the audience who is watching this show are all the way from u._s. To <hes> southeast asia so worldwide people watching and so i think it would be nice for them to have a opportunity to experience a great place like malta and particularly maleta and and these events that you are in with your team has been staging. I think this would be <hes>. There's also so many events going on in malta throughout the year the baruch festivals etc so so many things going on so it's something that that wants to get the taste of it. I think you will come back. Hopefully you'll always welcome very good very good well. I'd like to thank you had <hes> haven't had a great trapped here for about six minutes and i think knowing from the experience people are enjoying hearing what to say but many of couldn't join the live show will definitely watch it later on and any comments that i get from them of obviously <hes> give some feedback and with any questions we have thank you so much erik well. Thank you very much for joining today. A and i hope you have a good evening and if you talk to you soon bye bye bye thanks for joining us this week on social media show make sure to visit our website right be a to be hospitality to dot com where you can subscribe to the show in itunes spotify..

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