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But you're saying yeah same i feel like the same guy yeah yeah yeah no i know but i'm saying like to me it's just brooke bolinger three point zero or whatever it is but you can college sports i feel like there's that sometimes in basketball you know there's like the fifth or sixth year senior yeah bob sack is birthday was brought to you by jaguar land rover newport beach off the seventythree towards the sea visit land rover newport beach dot com land rover above and beyond coming up in less than fifteen minutes about twelve minutes from now jared goff is on a list that rams fans are going to be happy about and so's joey bosa for you charger fan so we'll get to that in just a second players it's not a white player list though it's a white player list no it's not you cover boy white players it's not that list why i it's not the list that was put out there who would be the time white did you tease it but you said it was a white top white guy who tom brady roger era i go through very rogers little black to me okay okay but you know you got some spanish too though you just don't want to even go up north chico you're kind of my people i mean that in itself should be my people we're all happened up there yeah don't be like tony romo embrace it embrace it breaks it's only your braces it what though what he had to for the camera oh my grandma like there was this sappy grandma the funniest bien or you move on yeah in all honesty you were there were shut up before you move on honesty did you feel that way what like did you feel like just in general that it was like tony never really embraced no i didn't you didn't feel that way no okay could you said it i didn't know if i didn't i didn't feel that way i felt like he did that one sappy peace during hispanic heritage month that one because it was like oh this would be good for the brand you know what i mean do out the courses career you know no okay no he should be proud to be in the reason.

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