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I mean, listen, if I don't have to leave the home in a service will come to me. That's what I'm doing. I'd love to get dental work at home, anything home to have a cleaning in your house. Oh, wow. That's a million dollar idea. You know, I want something that's easy on the side. Just get it done right then and there. If you're super rich, get dentistry at home, don't you think I know the Tom Cruise had an ultrasound machine in his own. I remember I was a for Surrey, Tom Cruise's moved down to the gold base. I know what does that mean. But gold base is like kind of where the sea org is in Scientology in Florida, like the depths of Florida need there to be kind of like in the Senator Dole and get more clearings. So it's so funny move with Connor. The eldest, the. Wow, Bella Bella got married, right? No relationship with Nicole. Don't. I don't see it and I mean going clear again, Lawrence Wright's book like at night who also is featured in this movie three identical strangers, this documentary, just how she's fascinating. But these three triplets is Jewish boy that at all over Long Island never knew not to see it. It's wild what happens. But so I got me interested in Lawrence writing and I'm listening to Scientology book and. It seems. I mean, what the book posits is that they kind of drove Nicole out of the kids lives. Ooh, Scientology Halder a suppressive person. SPA evil, awful. It's groundbreaking stuff. This ping s. p. wow, and it's funny because it's like now we're in the summer of mission impossible. It's like, it's all good guys is he loves the move a staggering fact today. And I think it's all over the internet. But Tom Cruise is like three years older right now than Wilford. Brindley wasn't cocoon. I heard pulse told stolen. Let's be leaking renting formation out. Just told me that very specific. I would be powerless, Tom, Chris, oh, God. I was when I met him, I walked by him. I ended up on the wrong floor as with Donna, and we ended up with the wrong floor universal. We were supposed to go to like a lower level that actual people can get on. And somehow he ended up in the wrong elevator up one of the higher echelons and we walk. I see Tom Cruise, just walking. We're walking down the hallway. I don't remember anything after that. But Donna says that I said, hi, wow, he glowed in the dark, like I was powerless like it. In lovely, he just is different. He's at different vibrations than regular humans. Like there was something different. I don't remember a thing. It was like seeing a like the human rights violations and smoke kids. I think all of it is abominable. Yeah, it's hard to reconcile. Lot like Vicky. Ramona singer. It's hard to reconcile. Yeah. No. I mean, he's whatever Scientology is doing for him. The person is clearly work. Good pun. Look is this world is so complicated and it's getting darker every day. We're just going down and drain. Yeah. That's the truth feels I talked charm. Let me just say one thing I did do a tarot card reading today and here. Yes, at the Jane club with a wonderful. Okay. I just want to say quickly. I thought of this event and organized it and then simply didn't. I didn't attend because I forgot to check when it was. I'm sad. It's going to happen again. It was nice to come. Yeah, absolutely. It was incredible and I want to learn more about this, but apparently women who hosted it told us a lot about numerology and the years looks like I'm done sick. My oh one more gotta. Get the thumbs back in for a second run..

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