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We Kristy Lee is at her place as I said earlier know what's going on over there a self described wingers club in western Germany was evacuated after the club's Carmen monoxide detector went off firefighters in the town of having an wait a minute bridges wingers or brought to safety after the alarm went off late Saturday night this wingers many wearing only bathrobes were examined by first aid workers approximately ten complained of feeling unwell and needed treatment I'm losing the fight said no dangerous levels of carbon monoxide were detected once they arrived in there once was a woman who was Rosie I three hundred people at a swingers club is a that's a pretty big crowd Saturday night dude well there are several their own rooms I don't know I believe some of them have their own rooms it wasn't like a big large room with three other people going out and that's what I want to I kiss your wife now it's what we call there's got to be a hundred reasons you would never tell us about this and everything walking around the road was a great scene in a movie though we are so some kind of a change going on you you turn around the corner and there's three hundred people south of the make it that it's just been evacuated from an orgy what's happening here I've on their boy yeah you walk out of your room there's three other people in bathrobes when I when I walk into Google's we thank obviously very important of carbon monoxide detectors by the way there are of course not to mention the board is that the bathrobes thoughtful landlord there Herschel's dated were right there in the alley I understand for the carbon monoxide detector they had to hunt but there was one from I'm sorry back to you know in Germany there are a lot lower they don't care about nudity they showed on TV all the time there yeah that would make it we will forge probably I'll show you mine if you know I'd say all I have tried these grabs the March I have the word Poland I do it on my foot yeah Hey here's one bad **** an eleven year old girl in Zimbabwe saved her body from a crocodile attack last week nine year old latoya Malani was attacked by a crocodile swimming in a stream in and cinder love village Rebecca mon Conway said she heard her friends screams jumped into the water got on top of the crocodile and how do you decide that's what they say you should do it now once the crocodile let go of the victim her back I helped latoya out of the stream the nine year old was taken to a hospital for nurses called mild injuries John a living Crockett that is brave and I will pick up my friends at the airport this guessing the crocodile TV station has a very different it isn't rock attack would cross my girls use is going to the grocery yeah that some amazing yeah that's the good on her and those bets of a maze I will never played the other day and I'll tell you what when that twelve foot crocodile was swimming right next I mean there's no there's no barrier you're in your role as a remote yeah it's close to the colonel as close as close as close as you and I are it's somebody be easily just gonna tips in the water Derek about a massive I like not good on that sure mmhm but it probably wouldn't survive the gas Alonso she's over what you're thinking that I hope this crocodiles not agree yeah no kidding floor the Evinrude videos out where that shows the crocodiles jumping into these both what what yes someone what drove the boat for the people I'm and I usually am not afraid animals but that made me go will we ever acting up that's because if you get in the water you're dead yeah yeah I don't think I could get out of croc's eyes out well I don't know I hope I never have to find a list the brown cloud okay you you're kind of issue with that one so hats off to this young lady who at age eleven eleven zero nine year old friend she personal I'm guessing most of the streams in Zimbabwe probably don't have signs going crocodiles here but word gets out yes they interview the little girl is a talking to jump in to save your friend the girls that **** still owes me forty Bucks American delivered it like the K. he had the balls really he smiled yeah signifying a punctual hello cancer stroke okay I have a legitimate question this is gonna sound ridiculous but they may I know they make I know they make bear spray is it really powerful they seriously they make crocodiles spray they did not so I don't know or does bear spray were cut more than other critters so if you're in a little boat Kristin a crock got too aggressive could you sh well it didn't offer it so I don't know I'll do they tell you not to do certain things no so don't don't don't put your hands on the water don't know at one point we got out of the boat to get closer to a crocodile no season having cocktails and he goes I wouldn't get that close but he is will get out of the boat here and you guys can get up to the how does your boyfriend feel about this was in getting a crock talks you're only paying anyone on the boat stand up on his again when I say to whenever the roads what.

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