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Guy date or a girl you date i think can be a lot harder rough yeah yeah okay guys trigger on to the next call so go the oko hi meghan okay so i am nineteen i live in t quite populated area i started a job in tober and for the friend who know meeting that i'm into kinky or things mostly dominant and submissive and i am as the person and i did this thing where i hooked up and kind of dated one of my assistant manager my job from november to about the beginning of january and things were okay but you broke up his we knew that like we weren't going in this direction we didn't think being and so that ended well over the next month and a half a month or so things are just tend to between us at work i tried to not work with him on a lot of things when we were there and then in february i got hurt i was out on workman's com i'm still going technically and i go back this week well the thing is he in his taught 'cause i told him we need to talk before i come back about seeing ten and i have a feeling that we're gonna end up competing up when i go back like not like immediately but sooner or later and i have a feeling that he's going to catch feeling a walk after this time that i did last time and let me tell you last time oh i caught doing you real quick okay so i guess what i'm asking is do i sleep with my boss my boss who actually gave into like my sexual desires and wants someone who actually fitted with me and thought stuff for us to play with them or not or do i try and leave home because i'm gonna be working there for at least.

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