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And that's the best part you know it's like feeling familiar familiar food you don't have to have to speak a special language to read the menu you you can pick up the menu and say oh dan meatloaf okay i'm gonna order meatloaf well alternately i think at the end of the day everybody just wants their cheers yeah absolutely one hundred percent as they can walk into and i think that's why it's so important not just to have a welcoming place for your employees like you're doing but employs end your guests which are also doing you know i've i've talked to the team at smith canteen about this but they're incredible yeah and and we have so many regulars because it's a coffee shop you know people just come in every day to get their coffee but you know there are so many little kids and maybe have a little boy who's got long hair you know or you don't know how someone identifies themselves and really just trying to be mindful of those today is so important then i think absolutely you know i wouldn't say restaurants are struggling with it i think the ones who are aware of that are having an easy time having that conversation with their yes he aims and their guests and but i think there's still a lot of restaurants that have to catch up and i think it's wonderful that they have you to look to thank you as a place that's doing it well and just doing things so beautifully thank you i barely know you but i couldn't be prouder of you.

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