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Ninety issue w eight jim de hammond always the aaron are you call was always you didn't played missed did horrible because you know ramon likes funny for name drop him but i got i got the opportunity to spend quite a bit a time when ray stevens give me a tour of national and his business partner was with this and he would show make ray stevens owns you don't so much of nash for you would not believe particularly route recording row earth and and it was incredible i would just bring up solves and he'd tell these along stories about how the song was written then where it went what what a great story teller tell your aunt go yeah you know the truth skater then ferguson there's a nice a run and this is about having to put the very but gate and action you know both of those are good questions john go yes nineteenth every to chuck varies my thing away oh you know who else that go because radio chicago will of let well there's a name from the plaza legend debuted in last caller go hey man this is thought we all thought they'd been that i just want to say goal trump and ready to take the country better okay alright you know little bit for everybody ramon is a good our you can fall that our under no stalled you know you're tags on that with the missed all june nineteen seventy six trucker songs dave dudley reds aligned teddy there good music kao d_t orange gary staley alright let's get to serious topic coming up next it please repeat as to me i do so only so where do so nice where wealth if only execute the office of president of the united states that i would say for the execute the face of president of the united states and keep for topic.

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