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To thirty eight and mostly cloudy for you Friday with some spotty showers possible in high forty seven thirty two degrees right now details on the formal proceedings against Kent County family court judge don gentry have now been released the judicial conduct commission says that judge gentry's accused of engaging in a pattern of conduct that quote constitutes misconduct in office and quote since she was elected last year the claims over eleven pages include coercion to donate to her campaign retaliating against those who didn't falsifying time sheets retaliating against school employees making unwanted sexual advances having sex at work during work hours and more the judge's response denies the charges against her the investigation could take a year I'm Jack Crumley newsradio seven hundred WLW the suspects in a devastating Clift in fire are now behind bars Kobe Fritz and Arlene at Tober are facing a number of arson and fraud related charges now Cincinnati firefighters say that the pair torched in Addison street home back in September causing a blaze that damaged several nearby houses a heavily county prisoner who was on the run has now been captured the law finally caught up with Henry Hans yesterday in Covington he was arrested by US marshals near the two thousand block of Russell street he was on the loose since last Sunday from UC Medical Center the thirty year old inmate was taken there from the Hamilton County justice center for a medical condition and allegedly ran away I'm Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred WLW lasalle high school is this missing students early today so they can get upstate to catch the lancers play for a state championship the high school football division two state title game is at seven o'clock tonight in canton we'll sell taking on mass on Washington lancers won three state titles in twenty fourteen fifteen and sixteen tonight they go for their fourth college basketball last night Xavier took care of Green Bay eighty four to seventy one next up for the musketeers crosstown shoot out against the UCB our cats this Saturday the forecast is coming back Hey mark where your cargo I sold on swap police dot com it's the only way to get out your Carly swap police with simple fast and I got on my lease early with.

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