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Kevin de Leon strides onto the stage. He's a state Senator representing Los Angeles. And he looks the part tall and handsome with a full head of black wavy hair. And one of those big smiles that takes up most of his face. Women and men deli on addresses the elephant in the room. Someone else who's you're working on the same stage. I know my point feels about debates, you know, he's talking about US Senator Dianne Feinstein, the incumbent and Dell eons opponent in the election. She said she's too busy for debate requests. And she probably is too busy Feinstein is one of the most powerful democratic senators and California institution who's been in office since nineteen Ninety-two, and I'm joined now by a leading democrat on the intelligence committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein, top democrat on the judiciary committee, Dianne Feinstein Senator Dianne Feinstein about Senator Feinstein. Ranking member of the powerful Senate Judiciary committee who wrote the federal assault weapons ban famously became San Francisco's mayor after the assassination of Harvey milk, and George Mosconi and this guy Kevin de Leon a mere state Senator thinks he can take your down by positioning himself as the more progressive choice for California. De Leon sat down with me in late September between campaign stops and told me about his childhood things have always been challenging for me. He grew up poor raised by undocumented Guatemalan immigrant mother who cleaned houses for a living. He shared a bed with her throughout his childhood. And a mother who worked fingers to the bone who had the courage of her convictions to come to this country. So things have never been easy for me deli on I got involved in politics, nearly ninety s working at a nonprofit that provided legal assistance to immigrants at the time. An anti immigrant sentiment raged in California. It's hard to remember now. But the state was a lot more conservative back, then as a younger Senator Dianne Feinstein made statements blaming undocumented immigrants in part for the state's financial problems her politics, and the topic of changed since then she's more pro immigrant's day, but part of on strategy seems to be to attack her for her former positions one of his campaign ads features actors portraying Leona. The child and his mum..

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