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To help Trubisky. The one thing about him is he's extending plays and he's using his legs. And that's great. But as you get into playoff football. I don't know that he's going to be able to lean on that as much down the stretch, but give them credit. I mean, they're right in the hunt. I mean have a chance now setting their at seven and three I'm to really, you know, put themselves in a position to potentially not only win the division, but possibly the push for for maybe getting a by down the stretch. Right. He was Stephen ESPN radio ESPN newsletter position to the AFC. Jason we see the Kansas City Chiefs. They seem to be the class of the AFC visit team by the name of the Pittsburgh Steelers have won six straight this seven two and one right now kids city just has just as many losses as the Steelers. Even though they beat the Steelers in week two of the season. What have you been seeing from the Pittsburgh Steelers as of late to attribute this success to and more importantly, do you think they're the legitimate bona fide threat to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl? Absolutely. There are threat. It's just such Pittsburgh fashion. You know what I mean and they didn't play. Well, they were rolling won five straight. And then they play Jacksonville go on the road and so horrible game. But it says a lot. I mean, that's kinda how I feel about Ben Rothlisberger. You know, last five or six years we mentioned his name is one of the better quarterback, but we don't really ever fully give him his due. And you know, he didn't play great against Jacksonville. But down the. Stretch his ability to kind of make enough plays to find a way to get that win on the road. And those are the games you look back on you. Remember that Jacksonville game, you know, week eleven where we should have won that game. And we had the turnovers. And so I think they're they're setting up. Nice. I worry about the defense a little bit. You know on the back end. Sometimes they hit or miss with how they play back there. But Mike Tomlin his team's always played their best football this time of year. And that's the ultimate compliment and Big Ben with Schuster stepping up. And of course, within Tonio Brown the running game with Connor, man. They're they're pretty good. I don't think we've always when we talk Steelers. It's always been kinda lady on bell. And you know, the back in secondary. Can they get enough stops? And now it's just like man this offense is playing at a high level. You know, they got control that division. And as I said they played their best football this time of year. So there's certainly contenders. No question. What does it say to you? Oh, what should we all? I'll be saying about Mike Tomlin considering not just the fact that they played their best football this time of year, but the level of adversity. He's had to deal with because of the whole Levy on bell mess. That has transpired this entire season. What have you what what do you make of what might Tomlin has done in regards to that situation? What plays the history books? You know? I mean, Mike Tomlin does not calling plays a lot like when you talk about Sean Payton in Sean McVay, and some of these systems that are in place..

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