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Look at robert redford. You know he's got this girlfriend and glenn close you. Have robert duvall was the writer and he knows something's up in that relationship. They're kind of the tug of war that was going on there. A lot of these movies hoosiers. It's about basketball. But it's about the relationships gene. Hackman comes in. He gets a second chance barbara. Hershey is begrudgingly. Going to give him a second chance. You know you need You know jimmy chitwood to take a chance as well like it's all about the relationships l. Rudy it's not a football movie that's about relationships as well. We sort of use that. As that's the launching point we'll come back we'll get the phone calls coming up but up next. The colts owner. Jim irsay and i told fritzy. I said tell the colds that we might talk a little football. But i want to talk about all the music memorabilia that he's acquired over the years millions and millions of dollars that he spent a john lennon piano. Elton john piano guitars. 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You will hear all about it on this podcast. Four from the south. That will introduce you to our neighbors to the south. Listen to four from the south. As part of the michael tour podcast network available on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your favorite shows so appropriate to have a legend like david bowie. Bring us back from commercial break. We're gonna talk some music memorabilia with the colts owner jimmer say. He's got a lot of stuff guitars despite a piano. That was elton. John's john lennon's piano bringing the colts owner. Jimmer say jim. Thanks for joining us. We'll we'll get to a carson. Wentz will get to peyton manning we'll get to andrew luck but what's what's the piece of memorabilia that you don't have but you want well. It's a great question. And i'm reading. I read several books about it. I'm really one now actually I believe the holy grail from my perspective as an artist as actress. A musician as whatever term you want to use a human traveler. A is robert johnson guitar. It probably won't ever be found is guitar of utah to musicians like your clapton. p towns and just the great greatest guitar staffer. You know robert johnson. You're just developed a style of play that influence people today at and Is is probably the most iconic musician that of combines all forms of music so i'd love to find it but i don't think we will but that's why it's the holy grail but you by elton john's stein way do you play it or just look at it. Then one is is very much of a playable incredible stein way. I have john lennon's piano and it was in his flat in his house. For many many years he wrote sergeant pepper's on it. You put a plaque on it. On the side listed some of the songs he wrote on it and quietly somehow i secured in a sale except that when it came it was never taken care very much since down passed away forty years ago so so it doesn't really play other some dead keys on a so. The debate goes on with things like that. Do you fix it or do you leave as he left it. What do you remember about that day. I think you were twelve years of age when your dad purchased the colts was at nine hundred seventy one you were twelve. Yeah i was. I was twelve years old. And the biggest thing that i remember is we went up to training camp at golden colorado where they make the course beer back then used to go on the road for training camp so they like the altitude so i'm twelve years old Nervous as how. I'm in the cafeteria. It's training camp there to work as bob way and i get a tapa my shoulder and it's son move your ass in it was johnny night..

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