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Top news traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated In your car at home at work and on the go Never miss a moment Good morning I'm Christopher Cruise Luke lucrative our producer coming up a wildfire in Colorado has destroyed hundreds of homes and when public officials use private chat rooms Do you have a right to see those comments on Kate Ryan With the status of drive up COVID testing in Northern Virginia I'm Christie Kane Wildfires whipped by winds as high as a hundred miles an hour have destroyed businesses and homes near Denver as the state prepares to respond Evacuations have been ordered in towns that are still being threatened to Colorado governor Jared polis says federal help is already in hand We're going to of course be starting damage assessments for public assistance and individual assistance Fires were sparked in many cases by power lines blown down by Gale force winds Boulder county sheriff Joe pelley says with those conditions officers were limited in how to respond Just running the head of this the day trying to get people out of the way That's all you can do One estimate of how fast the fire is moving has a consuming football field distances In seconds Fox News At least one first responder in 6 others have been injured boulder county sheriff says there could be more injuries and deaths could also be possible Colorado governor Jared polis has reduced the prison sentence of a truck driver who'd been convicted in a deadly crash from a 110 years to Tim The original sentence was widely criticized in fact about 5 million people had signed an online petition asking for a sentence reduction The decision was communicated Thursday on the Senate of rohel aguilera maderos It was among several end of the year commutations and pardons that polis had issued Just a few days ago a judge scheduled a hearing for next month to reconsider the sentence at the request of the DA who had planned to ask that it be reduced to 20 to 30 years The crash in 2019 killed four people the driver had said his brakes had failed The presidents of the United States and Russia spent almost an hour on the phone yesterday talking about the Russian troop buildup near Ukraine A senior White House official says President Biden told Russia's Vladimir Putin the two powers now face two paths either diplomacy or American deterrence through harsh economic sanctions Putin responded if there are U.S. sanctions it could lead to a complete rupture of ties Russia has made clear that it wants a written commitment to Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO and that the alliance's military equipment will not be positioned in former Soviet states to demand the Biden administration has rejected A Russian adviser told reporters Putin told Biden Russia would act the same way the U.S. would act If weapons were deployed near America's borders Russia placed an estimated 100,000 troops near the border with Ukraine I'm Jackie Quinn We asked Beth noble for her take on the call She's a journalist a professor at fordham university in New York City and the former bureau chief for CBS News in Moscow It's not clear how Thursday's phone call differed from what the two presidents said to each other when they held a two hour video call about three weeks ago But just the fact that they're talking is actually good because it keeps the door open to the two presidents understanding each other's concerns just a little bit better Now four 33 Thursday was another tough day at American airports Airline cancellations and delays have gotten viral For the 7th straight day there are air travel disruptions from coast to coast It's not just COVID related staff shortages causing problems severe weather including tornadoes forecasts with the.

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