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Hopefully will appreciate a little bit more you know because the simple things have really been eliminated from our lives in a lot of ways I'm Chris Moore I'm here till ten o'clock Jodi Mack at that time ed or zoom in on the other side my man and we are holding down the fort here in studio as more for Guinea pigs you know people that can be sacrificed for the greater good that's who we are and we're proud to be front liners and I have a beautiful parking space up front so I got that going for me which is nice and I came down the west side highway like it was the morning like I was in tupelo Mississippi on the way to Morgantown West Virginia and I think that's it that's it on my way to Morgantown born in wheeling so you know that's it all up in all up in West Virginia so it's so good to have you with us eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six the number as I said here till ten Mike Vaccaro the post put columnist will join us I need a clock hour and Larry Brooks in the nine o'clock hour your phone calls throughout the evening and this entire hour so now would be a good time to call eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six let's go to a park ridge New Jersey that's where Marshall is and he joins us on the fan Marshall so you're going I'm great nice to talk to you yes I love to hear you and I wish you on more thank you the reason I called said that I need is to talk about Blake Snell and I've been watching baseball since nineteen sixty and I really don't have much for respect for either the players or the owners they're both read each well what I think and the games the players your comments like what Blake Snell said I gotta get my monkey I'm not playing again unless I get mine I noticed the way it is for him now there's someone that's retired to work in healthcare his whole life and worked in medical centers and been up front liner I mean it's really appalling to hear that nurses and doctors and pharmacists and respiratory technicians have been doing prior to the bid and make it's nothing new we've been doing all this all along our careers anti hero a professional baseball player come out with those ludicrous comments it incentives opinions reports I think you're a hundred percent right I think he's allowed to think it and he's even allowed to say it but what is not allowed to be is surprised that you're not going to get very much sympathy in his position so as long as he's not disappointed or offended by the reaction of the public all's well he said what he believed you and many others like you did not agree with them I thought it was insensitive and life goes on but if you thought that he could share that sentiment and that people would just be okay with it that was pretty naive because you're right they are not going to take his side or any other players side in a situation like this especially there are one that is as universal as this is as I mentioned it is a virus that has affected everyone in some way obviously some larger than others but there's nobody's escaped unscathed and there's been a tremendous financial impact and continues to be so it's not a subject were a rich guy is going to be able to comment and get away with it and he found that out if he wasn't aware of it before Meg in Jackson heights joins us next yes hi hi Meg I'm calling about something that I noticed in today's newspaper about the Mets store signing a lease and then trying to back out of it just is not going to live there what was your comments on that yeah I saw it I mean I I think that it's probably a little more complicated than then the article made it seem I don't know what are your thoughts about a bag I mean it's it sounds like it is headed for court well he would get reinstated I would imagine he'd have to pay the first two months before you gave notice I would think so I agree I don't have a problem with that really I just feel like I think they are places are pretty pretty standard and you know you're a sign at your current statement yeah I know it's not the it's not the job of the landlord to ensure that you know that these non predictable events are not going to happen in there for you know yeah that's his job to get insurance should something like this happen which I don't think it's very practical since you know we could have an inkling but not the way it played out for us for for everybody United States you could have an inkling that things might have gone wrong but I don't think to the point where we all are right now so I you know I think to me it's more of a personal story than it is a news story I know everything regarding pro athletes becomes sort of a news story but but I imagine they'll probably come to some compromise and it'll go away quietly he'll pay half for he'll play sixty percent and it will go away and he will have lost the money and like so many others he will pay a price for this pandemic which puts him in a large club you know and his situation in famine in value to the community and all that does not insulate him from paying a price for being alive at the time of this pandemic as I said no one's escaping yes no one no one's getting off Scot free here Paul in middle village up next on the fan hi Chris again great Hey I recognize that in now you I just value exceptionally amusing today style one I've been wanting to touch on and I kept away from it but this whole thing with the owners players all that stuff my main point the corporation it's a combo every how it is put your hours and everybody helping out the company they may be losing money in one business but they're probably making it somewhere else and they'll be all right an issue to you guys right you know I'm sure you're not hard up like you say you sound like a simple person like me but you're also not wealthy and I'm still trying to figure out where you might fall age wise like with the Vietnam era I was I missed it so I'm younger than that how you might be a few years younger than me I was right.

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