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Win when your son looks at you and says momma, look, you one bullies don't win because we're going to go on there. You're going to impeach the. Impeach the F until you see what's happening here. And now, this is Nancy Pelosi's house this is and this is, you know, hours after being sworn in Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi wasn't even sworn in yet. So what do you think they're focuses Jack? Oh, they're going to try to impeach the president. But I got a hot flash for stupid there. And that is that they can impeach the hell autumn. But it is the Senate that makes the decision on whether he is actually removed from office, and that's probably not going to happen because the Senate is still controlled. And I sure hate to tell Rashida. L E coli whatever name is they're unhinged jet. Brad Brad Sherman. Congressman at a California said yesterday, he reintroduced articles of impeachment that he had filed last year. So they're they're going in there going all in. Impeach him. No question about that. But like Bill Clinton, they ain't gonna be able to remove him from office because that's the job of the Senate. And the last time I checked the Republicans are still in control of the Senate. So they can do that all they want. It's amazing to hear that though talking about bullies not winning and then dropping an f-bomb like that saying we're going to get him. We're gonna impeach him on no action crows the bully. What about I mean, we got that knucklehead from Georgia in there? And you got people like this Rashida Talib is it to live is that the way they pronounce it ally alive till I you pronounce the I b I'm not familiar with Muslim nation. So. Anyway. And is she the one.

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