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When i look at those two numbers expectations lonzo ball had the better night now you're saying that's crazy john wall has been in this league eight years he still can't shoot he was ten in the fourth and over time he was a numberone pick john wall for moments in this game was barely engaged he was terrible late he's increasingly unreliable laden games although a marvellous talent when you look at those numbers you say to yourself lonzo really got worked lonzo is now averaging nine rebounds and nine assists a game he is already in the elite rebounder and in elite distributor in this league and the lakers points to assist ratio has improved her lonzo ball so he's improving the culture and lawn does team one listen lonzo ball is not gonna win at nineteen a lot of these statistics matchups he is a wildly inconsistent shooter but eight years into his career if lonzo balls giving you a oneforfive on threes in a onefor10 in the fourth and over time he will have failed you can just look at the raw stats john wall went seven for twenty two was awful late was disengaged early in his team a huge favorite lost so who had the bad night like i think lonzo ball is trending very nicely to jason kidd who couldn't shoot his first several years in the league lonzo is going to end up averaging about eleven twelve point to game 9 rebounds 9 assists and change culture that's fantastic when you consider expectations and by the way john wall's loved by the media last year i had him fourth in my mvp voting i thought he at his best here but what our expectations.

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