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Omaha and lead four to three here on. The seven it was a great night for the sky SOX second baseman he trip Rippled in the I had the game winning two run, single in the seventh inning was robbed of a home run by the wind and of extra bases center. Fielder Donald dewey's in, his third inning at bat overall a very nice night, for Tyler salad Dino and. The sky SOX middle infield also bailed out Jake Thompson in the bottom, of the eighth inning. Leadoff single the Frank Swindell was a opportunity for the storm chasers against. Jake Thompson after Tristan Archer pitched two scoreless innings of relief but twin Dell. The big first baseman. Tried to steal second. And get that tying Ron Indus scoring. Position jet bandy with a good throw. And a quick tag on schwinn Dell. Made it a three batter scoreless eighth inning after the sky SOX went down quietly in the top of the ninth inning manager Rick. Sweet scent Jake Thompson back out for the bottom of, the ninth inning to pick up the rare six out save it was not a good. Start to the ninth inning for Jake Thompson Billy. Burns the. Pinch hitter Her for Jack Lopez led off the inning with a hit by, pitch and burns. And his speed was at first but Parker more struck out swinging another pinch hitter Ramon Torres lined out to right field with two down Brian Goodwin singled. To extend the ball game and put the tying. Run Billy burns at third base Jorges so Lehrer had a full count that sent, the runners in, motion early but Jake Thompson came through good one takes off three to pitch man he struck him out. On a slider and the sky SOX climbed back into. First place with, a victory tonight in Nebraska Great win for the sky SOX and. Win number seventy on. The year guaranteeing at the very least a winning season in, the, final, year of AAA baseball but the sky SOX have their sights set much, higher they're looking to repeat as American northern division champions and on the other side of this break we, will have an update on the, PC l. scoreboard and on the soon to be. Not in first place Oklahoma City dodgers Tiki and Tierney in the afternoon if you looked up self-preservation the dictionary right Jackson shame I wonder how much that's going. To distort blur an alter his decisions to save his own behind right. Nature you can't do that that is the reason I did not want. Hugh Jackson back yeah decisions paramount to the direction of their franchise are being made by desperate man and that's not good Yeah that's hard Tiki and Tierney weekdays one to three on, Xtra sports thirteen hundred Robert Robert somebody burned down my she shed no one bird down your. She shed Cheryl all really victims because. My, she sheds burning up in the backyard his. She shared was struck by lightning, Cheryl Robert state farm cover, my she shed shed. She turned are shed mature. Hideaway Robert covered here that Victor I'm getting a new she she or she can we stop says. She, shared now with a win at. Here to help life go right. State farm Talk to an agent today can be This is Colorado. Springs sky SOX baseball on Xtra sports thirteen hundred.

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