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One twenty eight north is stalled out from route three a in Burlington up into Wakefield and route one north into the worst of it getting by route sixty in revere my king with WBZ's traffic on the three mainly cloudy skies as we head through the evening would be about forty one for a low in Boston thirties in the suburbs Cobbs tomorrow occasional rain and drizzle mostly the morning high of forty eight by the time we get to are not to be a shower in spots with the clouds hanging around low forty one Saturday cloudy breezy reign over spreads the area that we temperatures in the mid to upper forties than staying in the lower forties by the time the patriots game kicks off in Foxboro rain changes to snow late Saturday night into Sunday morning for windy and colder on Sunday leading spell likely maybe as much as three to six inches outside of four ninety five this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good evening I'm bad Parker here the five things you need to go at five forty five three women are struck by an SUV in a parking lot in Seekonk the victim suffering serious injuries a family of four is injured when my sits there pick up truck after flying off the roof of a box truck on route three in Burlington maker ministration officials including transportation secretary testifying on Beacon Hill today they say the backlog of out of state driving violations have been cleared money pouring into presidential campaigns Joe Biden's campaigns it raised twenty two point seven million dollars in the final quarter of twenty nineteen pales in comparison to Bernie Sanders thirty four million in donations the trump campaign says it raised forty six million in the last quarter of last year residents from announcing a crackdown on most flavored E. cigarettes but men fall and tobacco flavors will still be allowed to get this kind of Craig says and died vaping.

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