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Michael backup behind Kurt Dot com hanging with the always In the first part We did talk a little bit about the defense as a whole and a little bit on the steelers receivers against the Houston Texans I think now's a good time to look at the running backs that kind of spread and Ben, Rothlisberger Of course he has been great. We'll touch on him at the end but the steelers running backs James Conger was the bell cow once. Again eighteen carries for one hundred nine yards that back to back two hundred yard games out of James, Connor after kind of an abysmal first week of the season where Benny Snell actually kind of turn it around God hot and picked up one hundred yards himself. So the steelers three games in three hundred yard rushing performances out of individual players. You're really couldn't ask for any more out of your backfield and they're still getting a ton of yards out of their other guys out of that entire rotation and the steelers were able to get all four of the running back some work in that rotation. The another name that is definitely worth mentioning Anthony Mcfarland Junior picked up his six carries this one and forty two yards a nice little game for the steelers rookie running back kind of his debut I. Know He was listed on the roster last week but really got a whole bunch of uses in this game and look good when he was out there deathly explosive change your pace get back. Then I'm super excited to see how he kind of evolved with this offense moving further and further into the season acting McFarland definitely a name to look out for. Ben Snell is another one of those running backs that kind of has gotten some attention over the past week because he did fumble in week one week two, he didn't fumble in this one. However, his usage was definitely down and it was quite obvious. He's still got seven Kerry's and his first Kerry didn't come until deep into the first half obviously It's a sign of being in the Doghouse for fumbling that all important football we. Know, if you are turning the ball over coach Tomlin not he he wants to football no matter what you start turning it over. You're GONNA start seeing the bench Benny Still Kinda earn some of that trust back with his seven carries throughout the game the second highest carry man but he only picked up eleven yards, of course, a lot of that was on short yardage but his long of four yards really isn't going to cut it. especially with the guys around him at the McFarland kind of showing the knack for the long run that he kinda showed. Jalen Samuels also in the game, he got one carry on a short yardage play I believe it was fourth in two when he did get the ball and only picked up a yard stuffed I think the only assumption why he got the ball in that situation was the steelers were trying to bait the texans into believing that Jalen Samuels was only out there to be a receiving option nonetheless he got. Stuffed in that play just the one carry for him which honesty when it comes to usage not loving that out of my running backs someone just getting one carry per game makes you almost question his his spot on the team whether or not that could be better off served for another position that could use the depth. Like the receivers who? In this one Deontay Johnson goes down and the steelers really only have. Three receivers that they trust on the field. McLeod doesn't necessarily get those offensive snaps he get a couple, but the steelers really only trust their core four and when you start seeing injuries there the the guys on the field kind of get mixed and matched a little bit. And really limited just to those three receivers. So potentially, that is a storyline to Kinda monitor throughout the season. Derek Watt was another one of those names especially highlighted in the Watt, bowl? Yes. If you didn't know all three watts played in this game surprising I know right. But Derek Wad did leave the game with the grey to hamstring poll, which is a multi week injury according to all reports. There was some crypt cryptic tweets from Roosevelt Knicks on twitter. So potentially a reunion of sorts could. Potentially be happening there. We don't know yet. It's possible Don't quote me on it but if it happens, you're going to see it early in the week he knows the system and if a Derek what has to go on that three week injured reserve and open and opens up a spot on the roster steelers are better when they have a full back in their running game and they're definitely going to Miss Derek what on special. Teams Coverage Roosevelt Knicks, it was pretty outstanding special teams, covernment man himself. So potentially, the steelers could look that way but. Moving on we touched on the running backs we touched on the receivers The last guy we definitely want to talk about is a big Ben Rothlisberger because without him, this team just doesn't go and we learned that last year but Big Ben in this one, twenty, three of thirty, six, two, hundred, thirty, seven, yards, two touchdowns, zero interceptions along of twenty, six yards and. had an average yards per attempt of six point, six yards. Ben Rothlisberger is definitely back. I, know it's only three games in the season, but his elbow looks strong as as it ever has he's putting some zip on the ball. He hasn't been super high on his own performances when you watch his press conference, he always kind of talks down about himself and how he's Kinda played is really striving for that kind of perfect game. I'm excited for when it happens because the steelers offense and defense once they kind of hit their stride I think it'd be a scary group. And one thing I will say. For everyone is worried about the steelers and thinking, yeah, they're three and L.. But they've Kinda struggled their way to this point. Sure that is that is true to degree. But if if you want this team hitting their peak right now, I, don't think they're winning the Super Bowl. A steelers team just gets better and better throughout the year than I. Think we're starting to talk about a super bowl contending team I and they're on the right the right foot for that three no heading in a week four. If, they can knock off the titans I. I think the stat is something ridiculous when it comes to starting four owned making the playoffs especially having seven AFC and NFC teams fourteen teams total making it this year the still going for now, and if they can avoid the injury bug, it really sets them up so nicely to make the playoffs..

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