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Seven seven ten ESPN caller seven who can answer us this here question who sit LeBron James is no longer the best player in NBA. Now. He said that so five lucky winners will get a chance to go onto field and kick a goal against one of the morning show crew, you can nutmeg key. You can try and do a hitter against cells e and that's what we can do. Listen during next hour for another chance to win five of the people that they're. Yeah. That's why. So I gotta get in so call now. Yeah. You may be one of our be more specific with your question. You want to get there early to because Chris eat up all the food. Here we go again on eat some of that food myself coming up next bit of the deck. Didn't that teach dance with somebody requests this one all request Wednesday. Jurassic Park when the day, I think I what? Diene my personal standings the personal rankings. The return of hysteria was big as well materials been away since well Halloween. Make goodness kind of tired him. Oh, and since AB long was in here. CB's probably still receiving some sort of counseling after session that was that was a lie. I didn't realize can't concern that coloring. I feel for gbi. Randy Gregory suspended indefinitely by the NFL violating the substance. Substance abuse terms of his conditional reinstatement. He's missed thirty of thirty two regular season games including the entire twenty seventeen season. Multiple violations of the league's substance abuse policy. It was reinstated last year. He played a few games in was kind of a boneheaded player through a great deal of what they were doing last year. It was still second on the team in sacks. Which is why he's still in a roster. Yeah. We'll know. He's still he the the scale the teeter totter is teetered towards he's good. It hasn't taught her towards he's not good enough people. Look your best to why is he still in your garage? Why do you still have good because he's second on our team? In in sacks. Even though he didn't play the whole season. And it seems like this is another marijuana thing. This is his been his issue. If you want to call it that to me is not his issue at this point is to leagues issue. Thank you the lease. Gotta figure this out because they're being asinine about this charac conversation, you can't continue to have franchises based in states, whereas legal, and then treat it as if as some sort of great grand. Larceny climb or something that a player has marijuana in their system. But the NFL's never been comfortable with hypocrisy. No the. Yeah. But it's our job to call them out on it. And maybe shamed. A little bit into it. Now. I know what they're doing the waiting over the cover of federal law change. Right. They're punting if you will. But that's not leadership leadership is actually being proactive and not simply react over even worse in different. I believe that what all sports leagues should do is revised their entire drug policy program to reflect what is happening in just eliminate marijuana from the list of banned eliminate marijuana from the list of banned substances. Absolutely, especially when you realize, and we actually do some research. I'm not gonna talk about the effects of alcohol in the system versus marijuana. That's deep into the weeds. There's there are certain elements of marijuana that doesn't give you the high, but gives you all the pain relief CBD exa-. Why are we punishing guys for using creams to help their knees? Fill better without them getting high..

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