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Jolson with the name. Oh, I take and Newsday's always a bowl Hecker what you call them in America. Jay dubb's where looks at the bulb is just a bowl around your head shaved around there. I believe they call it a bowl, haircut they got him back at you. Sable haircuts, I say, Bohai cuts in took a food over the eight man with me, and I said to the ball, but can you give me a six million dollar man? Hecker please? And I believe in from retrospectively, imagining this I saw my mother in the ball mirror mouth to the Balba the woods bowl haircut anyway, wherever when the ball but finished, I looked in the mirror. All I know is I had a heck that did not like the boning toll Millette you say very Bullhead cut the and I said to the Boba I don't look like Steve Austin, the bio Nate man bit light. Jellison didn't name. Oh, I'm just grabbed me by the Dreckman at the bulbous and shouted, it's because your face is different. I thought about poor at jealous and and I want to say when I think about it, I'm just overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude. I am now bold, and then we'll have had problems freed from the shackles of head to David Roach much enjoyed that story, which I really did. It's amazing links. You'll go to talking about evidence to to us Stuyvesant van Hayes. What happened to the game yet will feel I'll tell you the greatest highlight. The match was THEO Soros before the kickoff sleep. That was like honestly system is, oh friends. They don't like to read into much, but a little. They'd had a thing in the past. He didn't lose a little light to would called. He did it all right. You're right. You're right. The suddenness this inhuman fool, but the pain of this game was. Everton opened with a real plan with real energy with buzzy confidence, Marco Silva's this, which is harassed. We pressed the wheat point of the glaring weak point just as limb lumbering line and we drew them backwards. We cut off their supply lines. Yes, dangerous for line, but they do anything to us if they don't get the bull will force mistakes bookl- every time and they did. I mean in this game check became the first goalkeeper to make a thousand Premier League saves unless if fell, he made about nine hundred ninety. Nine of them just enough. I Dominic Calvet Lewin that chance early. You had a chance early Roach. The first minute, I believe, and this may be hypoc bullet. Anyone with a hyphenated surname would have scored that goal other than dominant Calvet Lewin I believe Reese beta Ginsburg if she was on the one on one break in that position would finish and if you're listening in scouts please. So in beta Ginsburg. To play from birth Astle terrible in that I often the same things seem before very slow back line sloppy with possession. Predit- field, getting beaten, getting beaten in fifty. Fifty tackles all over the place stuff we've seen before and when the halftime whistle blew. I couldn't believe the school was still zero. Zero. Remember said earlier when Everton play a top sixteen, I'm always overwhelmed by by hope and fair and equal measure after that first half who was just surging through my bloodstream and actuated about this because experiences a teacher and as all Evertonians, no, nothing makes us more fearful than feeling hopeful about Everton football club. It's always a trap, Dave. I, it's always a trap, a cunning track. So it proves to be Jordan Pickford after fifty, five minutes. Roach flies through here with the gracious. These Alexander lack. What? What blast Roach. What a blast is good. I'm joy. Chain play football you do to. We had to sit to five minutes of Lee Dixon excoriating Astle for just ragging on those little describing USA woods Barath, rudderless shouted, and then the just the most, The the most most. pointing Lew grade burn I've ever heard, which is even I scored against Everton and when he said that just tear into my kids. And I said, there is so much quality in our snow frontline. All it needs is warm moment of lucid play, and that was it like that pirouetting in the box, like an Archer, pulling back on to dispatch a flaming arrow strains of the corner. Pecan the Dave. Again, you probably have not had this emotion when that Baldwin in in a perverse way..

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