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That's where we're going right now. Will Blackmon joins us on that Goodyear highlight is a 12 year NFL veteran. You also want to chip with the Giants, and he's the host of upsets and underdogs. A podcast available wherever you listen to podcasts, and he covers college football, So he really truly does it all. Good afternoon to you will, thanks for being with us. So let's start with the giant since that is your former team, right? Um is it a make it or break it year for Daniel Jones, and that feels kind of obvious to me. But like, what do you need to see from Daniel Jones to make it be like? Yes, he is definitely our franchise quarterback going forward. Well, thank you for welcoming me been great to it. Um, yeah, I think it is time. I feel like this division is still quite open. I understand. That Washington is the favorite, especially due to their defense. But yeah, it is time it's time ago. It's time to get going. They went and got some more weapons for him offensively, you know the big sign with Kenny Golladay, but It is time to see what Daniel Jones can really do. He's the first one pig. He is their first He is their franchise quarterback, you know to take over after Eli has gone so Wanted percent agree to see what he can do with the senior ship. Staying within that division, the NFC East and there's some news, obviously coming out of Dallas with that offensive line. Taking a hit due to Covid was Zack Martin being out for the next two weeks? What are legitimate expectations for Dallas team that has so much talent? It's mainly just a question of Can they put it together? And also can they stay healthy? That's the biggest thing is. Can they put it together? Of course. Yes. Losing their quarterback. Last year was was massive. I mean, Dak was having, uh, you know, a record setting type of season out the gate, so to lose him that that was everything but The main thing I want to look at two is also the defensive side. They went and try to make this adjustment. This is the second time uh, first, McCarthy felt like he had a team that was ready. He had to make a switch on the quarter. Nate aside. In Green Bay. You know, with the head coach Bob Sanders. He felt like the team was ready to make a switch Defectively. So he went, um and got Dom Capers and that actually elevate the defense, you know, don being with the Steelers, bringing that blitz Berg style. They actually cater Charles Woodson style of play, and now he went and made a switch and got coach Dan Quinn. Was trying to bring that Seattle cover three type defense, which is funny because McCarthy said he wasn't at the end of that defensive force. So that's why he went with coach Nolan, who also I notice his best friend as well. Stop. I'm ready to see what Dan Quinn does defensively. Getting Michael Parsons was huge. I think he's going to have an outstanding year. So, Yeah, I'm I'm curious to see what they do overall and right and they put these things together and health is going to be a huge contributor, contributing factor to what they can do as a team. Okay, So then let's see what the NFC East I want to stay there. This has been a division that has been. I mean, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it bad the last two years, right? Is this finally the year they get over the hump, But it's no longer the NFC least. But maybe it turns into like an NFC beast or something where it's not not really a joke anymore in the NFL. Yeah. I mean, I don't want to say it's that division is a joke. The cool thing is, it is competitive. You usually have a new winner every single year, and you just never know. I think it's Sure in terms of Super Bowl contenders. Yes, it's not the the coolest looking division. But I think as from competitive nature and the history and the fan base and all that stuff, I think it's one of the most entertaining divisions is because you have the most passionate fans from I mean, from Philly to Dallas to New York to Washington. I mean, they're all nuts playing in Division. I was in a giant in Washington, so I got to see it first hand basis, so it's going to be competitive is going to be interesting to see You know, Speaking of when I was in the Giants, we got in at nine and seven, right and made the run. So the whole point is to get in. Well, who's one of those teams will that you look at and say they kind of under the radar? You know, they're not the Chiefs not to Packers. They're not the box. But there are a team that could maybe sneak into this thing and have a unexpected running The post season. There's a dark horse team in the league. You know, it's funny. It's um I think there are a solid team and this is based on health. Is Minnesota. They're so interesting because I feel like they're they're sure. Pretty much every position on the field, You know, Um Her cousin. He's going to deliver his his standards, You know, 4000 yards 25 Touchdown. You know 8 to 10 picks. He's going to be very, very efficient. You know, obviously, if Justin Jefferson who's who's unreal Can Adam feeling stay healthy? They just paid Harrison Smith. He's outstanding. He's going to be a hall of fame where you got Patrick Peterson. You get Bashar billing on the outside. And you got down to cook and double cook the hell because he's you know, to me talk quite running back in the entire league indicates to me. I think everyone believes that so I think there's someone who can sneak up on a lot of teams, just their respect it but I feel like they're not taking it as serious as they should be. So I like Minnesota to be. I guess the dark bush and I don't care They are, but I think they're a team that could sneak up and make a late run in the playoffs this year. Cool. Will Blackmon. Thanks so much for joining us on the Goodyear hotline. We really appreciate it. We'll talk to you later. No, thank you. I appreciate it so much. See you later. You can follow. Will Blackmon on Twitter at Will Blackmon. Um, he brings up a good point against the Vikings. I feel like this is a team that just like, Let's be honest. Just not sexy like you look at the NFC North. Good thing. Aaron Rodgers is coming back. The Chicago Bears got question marks at the quarterback position from a Chicago Bears fan. So I'm doing it for the whole NFL. Not from my own period liking. Um, the Chicago Bears outside of the quarterback position. They're like, you don't really know what you have in them and the Vikings just there. One of those. I have no idea what nobody's talking about them because a convert the car. I have no idea the quarterback competition in Chicago's of intrigue, understanding. It's a big market. Matt Nagy is come from Kansas City and all these storylines of Can he be a guy can act. The run game. Get offense going the whole Aaron Rodgers, saying the Packers happening lead continue to be elite. There. The reading EVP there. Detroit is a nothing burger..

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