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One Point Michael when I was doing what we like to do. which is our casual? Google stocking of our guests. You know I heard you use this phrase of these sort of narrative system supported by structured code and by architecture and that term of your title as architect. I think you know as a creative myself I once had. This acting teacher told me that you know acting like you build the trampoline and you've got to make sure every screw is in case and all of this springs and so then you have something to jump on and so I love that image of like just seeing the story lines in the audience you know it trajectories. The library Alexandria which happens in public. Libraries stories was built that the first three quarters of it is solitary because our experience in a library is very solitary. Often it first in hand you're searching for something for yourself and then there's this big communal coming together and so that is the example to say like I'm also looking at how the audience experiences something and that's the one where we for. The first time built eighteen simultaneous tracks. That ran through a working library at once. Oh my God that's amazing but like let's be super clear here like that's what my brain comes up with. And then I have amazing collaborators. We'll pickens and Carl favor. Who are like? That's crazy. What you WanNa do and then they figured out with some sort of thing and then we figure out the systems you know so it's not by any means? Just take me of course but I but I do think that like the crazy idea. oftentimes is because I see the spreadsheet as a whole and and then is the work of etching down into it so this goes back to organization which like I see the vision as a whole and the the hard part of saying no to things or over committing is that in the structure of a spreadsheet. Nothing is more important than anything else and so it gets really hard. If that's how you look at the world to remind yourself that you have to also do the work of prioritizing clearly you you found your way into this through a background in theatre and also this equal love of organization and seeing that big picture what other roads could would lead someone into a career creating experiential work. How might some of our listeners? Who have interesting? That sounds cool. I WANNA do that. What sort of paths might they consider going down in order to be prepared to do this type of work when a young person is coming into it? Mike Hyphen feedback is always going to be point at the things that you're excited about and ask those people if you can work with them. Don't worry about what it's called. Don't worry about what it means if you work with them and not someone else but also like if it's not in front of you and you don't know what it is we are also at this point and and you know at a moment where as much as we are becoming a field we are becoming a field so that means those of us. Who are you leaders in? It are much more accessible than leaders in other fields. I'd love that. I'm looking in the visual arts world. I'm looking in the social justice world. I'm looking in the the entertainment world I'm looking. I'm really looking to see if you're interested in not being in one world. Yes so if you're if you're curious serious and you'RE GONNA keep asking questions and be curious about all the world's and you're not an artist organizer or leader or creative. Who needs it to be a yours? Only then I'm interested..

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