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One of my other favorite panels is they've just been through the storm. The little boys exhausted he's laying on the back of the horse and he says that this big giant gentle beasts. What's the most courageous thing you've ever said. And the horse says help so as we wrap up around anxiety at work. You know asking for help doesn't mean you've given up it means you haven't given up and the message about don't go it alone. Everybody suffered it's a very human emotion it everybody's headed a varying degree. And if you're in that deep dark hole find that ally get somebody you can talk to. Hopefully it's it's. It's a leader or teammate. Do not go it alone. Because i am convinced that the work that we can do this book in normalizing these stigmatizing an empathizing. This subject not only will make for better teams and safer cultures. I honestly believe it can save some lives because when you're in that deep dark hole you go to places and you should never go there and certainly if you're headed there find somebody to pull you back. Do not go along. we've been talking with chester. Elton co author of the new book anxiety at work. Where can people learn more where they where do wanted to get a book where he would appoint people tell people about your work this chance. Yeah there you go. I failed on amazon book. Pal is one of our great Partners barnes and noble independent bookstores of really taking it on the chin if you've got a local independent bookstore order it up. They don't often have big business sections and support your local businesses. Follow me lincoln. We've got some wonderful post there. We've got a gratitude journal. That over ninety thousand people have subscribed to in that newsletter. That comes out twice a month. We also post our podcast anxiety at work where we bring in executives that have dealt with that counselors. A wonderful discussion is thirty to forty minutes. It's about the length of your workout. Join us there. And lastly is anxiety at workbook dot com wonderful website dedicated specifically to this book..

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